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Blockchain product designing jobs are in high demand these days. As the industry is gaining traction with every passing day, more positions are being opened by companies almost every day. Product designing has become an integral part of the Web3 industry, and now most blockchain companies seek the addition of at least one designer to their team. 

Aspiring professionals in product design have imaginative, creative minds that generate ideas for the best possible brand or product image for the business. Maybe this is why there's been a surge in the need for designers with education and experience.

What is the Average Salary of a Web3 Product Designing Job

The average salary of a web3 product designing job is higher than the industry average. These are well-paying jobs with lots of room for advancement in the future. The hiring procedure for these positions is a little different because they are creative positions.

Both the candidate's portfolio and place in the current company are taken into consideration. In addition, the candidate's pay is determined by their talent and their existing pay scale. However, the offered pay is consistently greater than that of other comparable jobs on the market, which is a benefit for the candidate to move to blockchain.

The below-mentioned jobs are the highest paying positions among the product designing jobs. These are:

Product Designer: A Product Designer is in charge of creating, strategizing, and planning a product’s whole creation process. They work as a team with other designers to generate ideas, give stakeholders input, and act as a liaison between developers, engineers, and designers. The average product designer salary is $138K per year.

Marketing Manager: As the name suggests, a Marketing Manager is a leader who directs and strategizes campaigns, sets the tone for the brand, advertises on multiple platforms, sets an estimated budget, and works with multiple departments to generate results for the brand. It is their duty to conduct target market research and then establish goals based on the findings. A marketing manager makes, on average, $116K a year.

Social Media Manager: The Social Media Manager often works with the marketing team and acts as the face of the company on social media. The person filling this role will develop fresh approaches and attract more users to the business's social media pages. In addition to having an excellent sense of design and storytelling abilities, the Social Media Manager is responsible for thinking creatively and interacting with the target audience in an effective manner. An annual salary of $62K is typical for a social media manager.

Blockchain Game Designer: The job of the Blockchain Game Designer is simple: design and create games that are based on blockchain technology. They work together with the game developers to create games that are fully functional and enjoyable by actual players. The developer will create the gameplay, set the guidelines, create the system, and create the mechanics of the game. It’s their job to make the game engaging and playable. A Blockchain Game Designer typically makes $149K annually.  

Graphic Designer: The job of the Graphic Designer is to create infographics, typography and generate images for the marketing campaigns of the company. These individuals work with the marketing and social media teams directly to help them with their advertisement and marketing campaigns. Any electronic or print media needed by the company will be designed by the Graphic Designer. On average, the annual salary of a Graphic Designer is $50K.

Motion Graphic Designer: Different from a Graphic Designer, the Motion Graphic Designer is responsible for creating animated graphics for digital marketing, social media, website design, and advertisement. They work alongside Graphic Designers in a team to generate the perfect motion graphic of the brand image they are asked to replicate. They work on video editing and polishing. A Motion Graphic Designer earns $86K in a year on average.

Is Product Designing a Good Career?

A product designing career is great if you have an eye for design. People with a strong sense of creativity and no trouble thinking outside the box should pursue this career.

What Is the Top Job in Crypto Product Designing?

There are many remote product designing jobs available all over the world. Many brands are looking to fill these creative positions with the right individuals. The top crypto jobs in the product designing department are:

  • NFT Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Blockchain Game Designer

Where Can I Find a Blockchain Product Designing Job?

You can find the latest blockchain product designing jobs at It is one of the biggest platforms to find crypto or web3 jobs in the world.

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