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The time is right for skilled and experienced individuals to apply for Blockchain development jobs. There is room for growth and higher chances of success. In fact, the salary range is higher than most professionals, which is a big perk for developers to switch industries.

Blockchain developers can be at the forefront of change as the world is slowly shifting to a better internet experience. As Blockchain and Web3 companies continue to thrive, the demand for developers is increasing and more room is open for experts to enjoy.

What Are the Most In-Demand Crypto Development Jobs?

Developers are always in high demand, and that will not change anytime soon. Plus, the salary brackets for development jobs are great. Web3 companies prefer to hire developers with a desire to thrive in a challenging market. At the moment, there are certain jobs that are in high demand and often pay exceptionally well, too.

These are:

Blockchain Developer: The job of a Blockchain Developer consists of developing, designing, and maintaining blockchain applications and systems. The developer handles core blockchain development, creates smart contracts, and develops blockchain software. The average salary of a Blockchain Developer is $80k per year.  

Backend Developer: A highly technical position, a Backend Developer works on the server-side software. They work on everything that a user cannot see but is essential for the success of the website or software. The Backend Developer works on servers, website architecture, application programming interface, database, back-end logic, and overall performance of the website. The average yearly salary of a backend developer is $119K.

Offensive Security Engineer: Another important development position in the blockchain industry, the Offensive Security Engineer implements proactive security measures and strategies that will protect the client or the blockchain company from malicious attacks. The individual will strengthen network security for the organization by constantly checking for vulnerabilities, testing for penetration, and red teaming. An Offensive Security Engineer earns $152K on average per year.

Front-end Engineer: Unlike the Back-end Developers, the Front-end Engineer manages those parts of a software, application, or website that the users will see. The Front-end Engineer creates the layout, manages the functionality of the product, enhances the user experience, and ups the speed of the product. The Front-end Engineer should be an expert in programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Per annum, the average salary of a Front-end Developer is $120K. 

Solidity Developer: The position of a Solidity Developer is very important in a Blockchain organization. The individual exclusively works on creating smart contracts for the organization and other parties. The Solidity Developer needs to be well-versed in Ethereum-based applications. Apart from making smart contracts, they will also have to audit smart contracts, test them, and deploy codes. A Solidity Developer will earn up to $130K on average per annum.

Blockchain Game Developer: Blockchain Game Developer is exactly what its name suggests. The individual will develop and create games using blockchain technology. These games are different than usual games. These give full control of the digital assets to the players, who will then receive and earn money as they participate and play the games. The average salary of a Blockchain Game Developer is $110K yearly.

What Skills Do I Require to Get a Job in Crypto Development?

Any individual who hopes to succeed at crypto development jobs needs to have certain skills that are necessary. The Web3 industry is still evolving every day, so the developers need to be highly skilled to be able to thrive in their position. Organizations and companies require their developers to have the following skills:

  • Have Complete Knowledge of Web3 Niche Markets
  • Understand Smart Contracts
  • Know Solidity and Rust
  • Know DApps, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web3.js and ether.js
  • Well-versed in Software Testing and Auditing
  • Great at Problem-Solving
  • Excellent Teamwork and Communication Skills

What Types of Companies Are Hiring Crypto Developers?

At the moment, most blockchain and web3 companies and organizations have remote development jobs open. Both large-scale and small-scale companies need to strengthen their development teams, and they are looking for experienced individuals to join their ranks.

What Are the Best Places to Look for Crypto Development Jobs? is among the leading online job portals for individuals who want to break into the web3 industry and become part of the change. Blockchain companies from all over the world have their development jobs posted there for the right individual to apply.

What Is the Typical Salary for A Crypto Developer?

The average salary of a blockchain developer is higher than most. At the moment, the average salary of blockchain developers is between $80K and $152K.

What Programming Languages Are Most Commonly Used in Crypto Development?

A Blockchain Developer must know the basic programming languages that your average developer should know. However, the individual needs to have a keen command over certain programming languages that are particularly used in crypto development. These are:

  • Go
  • Rust
  • Solidity
  • C++
  • Motoko

What Are the Benefits of Working in Crypto Development?

Even though the Blockchain and Crypto industry is just picking up pace, there are certain advantages that still outweigh everything else. While all individuals working in these industries have a lot of perks, the benefits for developers are higher than most.

These advantages are:

  • The developer positions are in high demand, especially for experienced professionals.
  • The salary bracket for developers is higher than most in competing industries.
  • Remote working is an option and is often preferred by organizations.
  • There is a bigger room for growth for the individuals who have the drive to climb the ladder and get a better position.
  • Less competition in the job market leads to higher chances of getting hired.

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