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Blockchain technology changed the face of the internet and gave us something revolutionary. Now, blockchain is reshaping the internet and everything on it one day at a time.

More technical job opportunities are open for experienced individuals, and they are taking these opportunities with open arms. Blockchain development is one segment that is thriving at the moment. Talented professionals from all over the world are now trying their luck in blockchain development jobs and joining the revolution.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a database mechanism that allows users to share transparent information on a blockchain network. The data created is stored in the form of a chain in dedicated blocks. Blockchain makes information secure and foolproof.

A consensus approval is needed from the whole network to make changes to any part of the chain. This is how blockchain technology keeps the ledge of all information safe and free from security breaches.

What Is the Expected Salary Range for A Blockchain Developer?

A Blockchain Developer is the heart of a blockchain company. They are part of a team of developers and engineers that creates software, decentralized applications, and products that the company then provides to the clients.

The developers work on maintaining, designing, and developing blockchain systems and applications. They will also handle all core development processes and create smart contracts for the organization. Blockchain developers have a complete understanding of blockchain protocols as well as their architecture to create software, cryptocurrencies, games, and more.

A blockchain developer earns $80K in a year on average.

Top Blockchain Development Jobs

Apart from Blockchain Developer jobs, there are other positions that are in high demand at the moment. These blockchain development jobs are high-paying positions that are fulfilling as well as important for an organization.

These top crypto blockchain development jobs are:

Blockchain Engineer: One of the most in-demand positions, Blockchain Engineers search for high-quality data, develop new applications, define blockchain system architectures, test applications, and troubleshoot errors. The individual will write and implement codes, develop a blockchain ecosystem, and research and strategize projects as needed. The per annum average salary of a Blockchain Engineer is $139K.

Machine Learning Engineer: Machine Learning Engineer is one of the most important and impressive positions in the Data Science team of a blockchain company. The individual with this job will work on researching, designing, and building artificially intelligent systems. They will also maintain and improve the existing systems. Anyone who wishes to work as a Machine Learning Engineer should have command over Data Science and Statistics. The average per-year salary of a Machine Learning Engineer is $170K.

Full Stack Engineer: A Full Stack Engineer is often called the jack of all trades of the engineering world. The individual is responsible for implementing, designing, and testing applications and software developed using blockchain technology. They also work with coding teams, help with data structures, internal tool management, and more. They handle all backend and frontend tasks as well. The average salary of a Full Stack Engineer is 137K per year.

Solidity Engineer: A Solidity Engineer is required to have complete command over Ethereum-based applications as the individual will be developing smart contracts based on this platform. They work directly with clients or companies to provide other services such as deploying codes, auditing, testing smart contracts, and more. The average yearly salary of a Solidity Engineer is $130K.

Blockchain Software Engineer: The individual working as a Blockchain Software Engineer is responsible for creating and executing blockchains to offer solutions for clients or companies. Blockchain Software Engineers are the all-rounders of the blockchain industry. They have complete command of design, development, implementation, and support. The yearly salary of a Blockchain Software Engineer is $139K on average.

Data Engineer: A Data Engineer works as part of the data science team. The individual will manage and develop data infrastructure as well as ensure its full implementation. They will also design and maintain data, develop tools, and set the processes required to sustain the integrity of the data. The Data Engineer earns $136K per year on average.

What Skills Are Required to Become a Blockchain Developer?

There are certain skills that every blockchain development career hopeful should possess if they want to succeed at the job. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for remote blockchain development jobs or crypto blockchain development jobs; having these skills will increase your chances of getting your desired job.

These skills are:

  • Command Over Cryptography
  • Complete Understanding of Smart Contracts
  • Full Understanding of Blockchain Architecture
  • Excellent Web Development Skills
  • Complete Command Over Data Structures and Programming Languages

What Certifications Are Available for Blockchain Developers?

There are a few certifications that can give your career a new flight. You can climb higher in the ranks and overall increase your skills. These certifications are:

  • Blockchain Specialization
  • Blockchain Principles and Practices
  • Ethereum and Solidity Certificate

What Type of Companies Are Hiring Blockchain Developers?

Currently, many blockchain companies, crypto companies, and web3 companies are hiring blockchain developers. They have many blockchain development jobs in web3 open for fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals in various roles.

How Can I Find a Job in Blockchain Development?

You will find the latest blockchain development jobs at As one of the largest and fastest-growing job portals for crypto job opportunities, has a large reservoir of jobs posted by top companies in the blockchain landscape.

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