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Product Management is now becoming a whole department in blockchain companies. As more and more people become familiar with Web3 and blockchain, their fears about the new industry are being soothed, and they are more open to experiencing new things.

Dealing directly with the products and their future, this department makes or breaks the ROIs of the company. Perhaps this is the reason why many web3 companies are hiring relevant people with handsome salaries and better future prospects.

What Is A PM Job?

PM or Product Manager plays a vital role in a company. When planning the launch of products, the person in this position will determine the demands of the clientele as well as the organization's commercial goals. Moreover, the product manager will oversee the development of the product and play a key part in its promotion.

To guarantee the success of the product launch, the person will also collaborate with marketing managers. The median annual salary of a Product Manager is $153K.

Top Product Management Jobs

While the role of a Product Manager is vital, there are other product management jobs that are needed by a company to succeed. All of these positions are critical in their own regard, which makes them equally important. These high-salaried roles have great potential for future growth, especially for those candidates who work hard.

The top five product management jobs are:

Product Marketing Lead: As the name suggests, a Product Marketing Lead works with the marketing, development, and sales departments. They play a hands-on role in creating and carrying out marketing plans for recently introduced goods and services. On average, the annual salary of a Product Marketing Lead is $146K.

DeFi Product Manager: The role of a DeFi Product Manager includes managing the product budget, creating long-term strategies, and implementing short-term changes as well. They work closely with the finance team to leverage indices and other financial decisions. The DeFi Product Manager earns an average salary of $153K a year.

Web3 Product Designer: A Web3 Product Designer is responsible for planning, strategizing, and creating the creation process of a product. The individual will liaise with developers, designers, and engineers to come up with ideas for the product production process and more. They also stay in touch with the stakeholders and often get their input as well. The per annum average salary of a Web3 Product Designer is $138K.

Technical Product Manager: As the name suggests, a Technical Product Manager will take care of the technical aspects of the production process. They frequently keep an eye on designers and engineers during the manufacturing process. Along with developing the production process roadmap, the person will ensure that the final product meets the requirements of the business. The average annual compensation for a product lead is $153K. The average annual compensation for a product lead is $153K.

Product Lead: Responsible for the direction of the product and the strategies implemented for the production process, the Product Lead has a lot on their plate. Throughout the production process, they frequently keep an eye on the engineers and designers. In order to ensure that the finished product meets the requirements of the business, the person will also draft the production process's roadmap. The annual salary of a product lead is $153,000 on average.

Is Product Management an IT Job?

Technically, yes. The product management jobs revolve around the production, development, and planning of IT products or services. Most companies don’t require their product management Web3 jobs to require coding experience, but some do. Having a basic knowledge of coding will help the project management career hopefuls.

What Degree Do You Need to Be a Product Manager?

Typically, a person who wants to acquire any crypto product management jobs should have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Business Management
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain

Getting a master’s degree in any of the relevant disciplines will help you rise in the ranks much more quickly. Of course, certifications in relevant subjects will also help you.

What Is a Career in Product Management?

There are many options for people who want to build their product management career. If they do want to work for any remote project management jobs, they will have the options of the following career paths:

  • Product Manager
  • Product Marketing Lead
  • Defi Product Manager
  • Web3 Product Designer
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Product Lead

Is Product Management a High-Paying Job?

Product management jobs are generally among the highest-paying positions in a crypto company. This is because Blockchain and Web3 companies have the desire to hire the best talent from all over the world, and budget is usually not an issue for them. On average, product management jobs have salaries between $138K and $168K.

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