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Blockchain jobs have taken flight in recent years. Engineers are the silent heroes of this change. Engineers work tirelessly along with developers to lay the foundation of a decentralized internet. These are experts who love to work and get the results they desire.

Top 5 Engineering Jobs in the Blockchain Industry

Engineering jobs require a different set of skills and knowledge that sets them apart from developers. Both of these disciplines have different skills and a Web3 company knows how to utilize them both.

The blockchain industry embraces that change and diversity, which is why it has predefined and set roles for both of these professions. Of all the positions and roles open for experienced professionals, engineering positions are often cited to be the most lucrative of them all.

There are a total of five engineering jobs that are considered to be at the top right now. Almost every blockchain or web3 company is looking to fill these positions at their earliest. Incidentally, these positions are also the highest paying in the industry. Of course, exceptions exist in every case.

These top five blockchain engineering jobs are:

Engineering Manager: The role of an Engineering Manager is very important for the success of the entire team. An engineering manager plans, oversees, and designs projects. Along with that, the manager also manages the finances as well as supervises the team of engineers working under them. The manager has to coordinate between teams, research, and help the team members as needed. The per annum average salary of an Engineering Manager is $139K.

Software Engineer: As the name suggests, a Software Engineer builds software solutions using the preferred programming language. The individual is responsible for developing and designing business applications, games, operating systems, middleware, and network control systems. A Software Engineer needs to be highly qualified and skilled to be able to secure remote engineering jobs. On average, the annual salary of a Software Engineer is $117K.

Senior Back-end Engineer: A Senior Back-end Engineer is a senior professional who is involved in the entire development process of a product. The individual is responsible for developing new features, maintaining existing features, and ensuring quality production within time. The average salary of a Senior Back-end Engineer is $132K per year.

Protocol Engineer: Different from your typical engineer, a Protocol Engineer implements and designs peer-to-peer blockchain systems, consensus algorithms, distributed systems, data ingestions, and more. These engineers are vital for the success of a blockchain engineering team. A Protocol Engineer earns $154K per year on average.

Smart Contract Engineer: The role of a Smart Contract Engineer is very simple: create, design, and implement smart contracts for the company using blockchain technology. The engineer must know how to secure smart contracts as well. The yearly salary of a Smart Contract Engineer is $125K on average.

Web3 Engineer: A Web3 Engineer uses blockchain technology to maintain and develop decentralized applications. Their job is to make these decentralized applications as user-friendly as possible by testing them frequently. These individuals often work in teams. The average salary of a Web3 Engineer is $104K per year.

What Skills Are Needed for A Crypto Engineering Job?

There are certain skills that organizations look for in a Crypto or Blockchain engineer. Since this is a highly technical position, the individual applying for engineering jobs should possess the maximum of these skills. These skills are:

  • Experience working as a Blockchain engineer.
  • Understand the Basics of Blockchain and Web3 Landscape.
  • Have Good Knowledge of Coding.
  • Should Have Mastered Data Structures, Cryptography and Blockchain Architecture.
  • Understand Smart Contract Development.
  • Have Strategic and Critical Thinking.
  • Should Have Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Should Be a Team Player.

What Is the Average Salary for A Crypto Engineering Job?

The average salary of crypto engineering jobs is between $104K to $154K in a year. The educational background, experience and position of the engineering career hopeful will affect the salary range.

What Is the Best Way to Get Started in A Blockchain Engineering Job?

The best way to start a blockchain engineering career is by getting the right education. A blockchain career hopeful should have a degree in computer science. After that, they should look into getting a certification in Blockchain disciplines such as:

  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Blockchain Expertise

After that, the individual should gain industry-specific knowledge, gain experience by working in a crypto or web3 firm, and find a mentor.

What Types of Engineering Jobs Are Available in Crypto, Web3, And Blockchain Industries?

The below-mentioned are the most in-demand jobs in the Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto industries.

  • Engineering Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Back-end Engineer
  • Protocol Engineer
  • Smart Contract Engineer
  • Web3 Engineer

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