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Carl Runefelt, often known as "The Moon," is a Swedish entrepreneur, investor, and cryptocurrency expert. He gained popularity for his early Bitcoin acquisitions and for posting insightful market analysis on his well-acclaimed YouTube channel. One of the biggest projects owned by Carl is, the fastest-growing job board in the crypto industry.

Early Life and Career

Runefelt was born in Stockholm, Sweden. At a very young age, Carl, driven by the passion to improve the quality of life for himself and his family decided to join a grocery store as a cashier in Sweden. However, he soon recognized his entrepreneurial spirit and began his crypto journey after studying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in detail.

Talking to Entrepreneur Middle East about early stages of his career, Carl said:

“I had no real business experience, or even a degree from a university, but I had the will to be successful, and I set clear goals, researched Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, and how to build successful businesses. I believe that your success is not determined by your degree or work experience, but your mindset and belief system, whether you believe in yourself or not. What you believe becomes your reality.”

—Carl Runefelt

Carl moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to pursue his passion for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrencies. Early in his journey, Carl recognized the critical role of Bitcoin in shaping the future of the crypto industry. Since then, he has come a long way as an entrepreneur, crypto trading expert and someone who believes in giving back to society.

Carl has invested in hundreds of crypto and blockchain projects. He believes cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are the right alternative to paper money or fiat as they ensure more transparency, security and financial freedom for the users.

The Vision Behind

Founded in 2022, is already one of the fastest growing web3 job boards in the world. The vision of Carl Runefelt behind launching a web3 job portal was to establish a platform that could bridge the gap between the best crypto talent and top opportunities. With, Carl aims to transform the web3 job market by improving the placement rates for talents and helping the companies hire quality candidates faster than ever before.

Cryptocurrency Investments

Carl Runefelt first became interested in Bitcoin in 2017. The idea that cryptocurrencies could completely transform how regular people approach their financial transactions grabbed his attention. He always had faith in the incredible potential of cryptocurrencies against fiat and never looked back after making significant initial investments.

"In the beginning, I was making approximately US$1,500 per month [at a grocery store], and one Bitcoin back then was around $3,000, and when I went all in, everyone thought I was crazy, even my parents."

—Carl Runefelt, in an interview with Entrepreneur Middle East

The early investments in Bitcoin paid off handsomely. Since then, the cryptocurrency’s value has been on a steady rise and Carl’s faith in the potential of cryptocurrencies has undoubtedly paid dividends. Runefelt is now considered to be one of the most successful Bitcoin investors in the world.

In an effort to push for crypto mass adoption, Carl also explained in an interview on Cheddar News how he purchased a brand-new Bugatti, worth $2 Million with Ethereum. Watch the complete video here:

YouTube Channel and Other Crypto-friendly Initiatives

In 2017, Runefelt started a YouTube channel called “The Moon.” On his channel, Carl shares his thoughts about the cryptocurrency market in addition to sharing his personal experiences as an investor and businessman. In a short amount of time, his channel has become one of the leading cryptocurrency channels on YouTube. He presently has 591K subscribers, and his videos have over 16 million views.

He has a second channel called “Carl Runefelt Vlogs,” which was launched in 2022. He shares his lifestyle and gives an insight into his everyday life. The channel has over 300K subscribers and over 55 million views.

Over the last few years, Carl has actively invested in crypto projects and also played a key role as an expert in helping new entrants and investors understand the potential of the crypto industry.

"I've personally invested in almost 400 crypto startups, because I am extremely confident that crypto will dominate the world in the future. It may take another decade before we see mass adoption, which means that there is still a unique opportunity to 'get in early,' and invest in many of those companies that will be a dominant factor in the world in the future. That's why I have invested and co-founded multiple crypto entities; for me, it's not enough to only bet my net worth, but my whole being is a big bet on crypto. I'm all in!"

—Carl Runefelt, in the interview with Entrepreneur Middle East

Carl talks about his life and passion for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Web3 and Metaverse in his interview with Entrepreneur Middle East. Click here for the detailed interview.

Carl Runefelt – The Philanthropist

Carl Runefelt is a passionate philanthropist and actively contributes to multiple charity organizations. He recently made a donation of Dh300,000 to the Emirates Down Syndrome Association (EDSA). The cause is very close to his heart as Runefelt’s younger brother was born with Down Syndrome. He also donated $111,000 to the EB Research Foundation.

Runefelt has partnered with Formula 2, under the banner of, to make crypto donations from all races throughout the season. A QR code is displayed on the race car, which is used to generate contributions for Down Syndrome charities.

He has been named one of the “Top 30 Influencers by Followers” by FINPR. He also appeared in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List in 2021.

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