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Business Development is an integral part of any thriving business. Crypto organizations are just developing, which is why most of these companies are investing heavily in their business development sector. This particular category of crypto jobs is all about identifying business opportunities and then pursuing them. From identifying potential new clients to retaining those clients, Business Development jobs are very important for the growth of the business.

Individuals working in the business development career have a specific set of responsibilities that directly reflect on the company’s business. It is critical for companies to hire the right person for crypto business development jobs because the future of the company relies on them.

What Is the Nature of a Business Development Job in Blockchain or Web3?

A business development job in the blockchain setup requires the individual to work towards the growth of the organization while keeping the blockchain industry in mind. The Web3 business development jobs typically surround finding solutions, building partnerships, and retaining existing partnerships. 

The role of a business development professional could be limited to a team, organization, or between clients and companies. In either of the cases, it is very important for a company to find a candidate who fits perfectly in the role and has complete information about blockchain and how it works.

At the moment, crypto companies are hiring business development officers and managers for various positions. Some of the most high-profile and highest-paying jobs are mentioned below.

Business Development Manager: The end goal of a Blockchain Business Development Manager is to generate growth, liaison partnerships with clients, and guide the business in the direction of success. The business development manager will conduct market research, create business opportunities, develop partnerships, engage with clients, and collaborate with teams. On average, a Business Development Manager earns $122K or more.

Talent Communication Manager: A crypto firm will have a Talent Communication Manager who will be responsible for attracting new talent to the firm by highlighting its biggest selling points. Telent Communication Managers work directly with HR and identify talent that will be the best fit for the company. They create recruitment strategies, retain talent, develop existing resources, and overall keep the employees happy and up to speed about the industry standards. A Talent Communication Manager earns an average salary of $100K per annum.

Developer Relations Manager: A Developer Relations Manager or DevRel Manager’s role is very different from other marketing or sales roles. A DevRel Manager will need great communication skills as well as development knowledge of different platforms to succeed in this role. They build authentic relationships with the developers, help them acclimate to the community, and generate results. Per annum, a Developer Relationship Manager earns $113 on average.

Partnerships Manager: A Blockchain Partnership Manager works as a liaison between companies and clients. The job of the individual is to identify potential partners, expand partnerships, and manage them accordingly. The Partnership Manager works with the Developer Relationship Manager, Marketing Manager, and Sales Manager to grow new client partnerships. This is one of the highest-earning remote Business Development jobs in Web3 at the most. A Partnership Manager earns up to $102K on average.

Technical Program Manager: Perhaps one of the most important crypto business development jobs, the Technical Program Manager will overlook the day-to-day work and output of the resources. The manager will monitor resources, look over security protocols, handle reporting, and develop specialized features. They are responsible for and engaged in all technical projects of a blockchain company. The average annual salary of a Technical Program Manager is $126.

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Looking to Break into A Business Development Role in Blockchain or Web3?

Blockchain is a niche market, and a fresh Business Development Manager may find some difficulty integrating into the industry. A candidate will first need to learn about NFT, crypto, blockchain, and every other niche that comes under the Web3 umbrella. You will also have to understand smart contracts and how they work. Understanding relevant programming and decentralized applications is a must.

Transitioning to Web3 may be challenging in the beginning, but all that hard work will be worth it in the end.

What Skills Do I Need to Be Successful in A Blockchain Business Development Role?

There are certain skills that Business Developers need to obtain or work on to become successful in their blockchain career. These are:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Business Intelligence
  • Networking
  • Research and Strategizing
  • Partnership Building

What Types of Challenges Do Business Development Professionals in Blockchain or Web3 Face?

The blockchain industry is still developing, and Business Development Professionals find challenges that they have to overcome with time. Typically, a business development professional faces the following issues:

  • Lack of trust from clients
  • Difficulty understanding Blockchain and Crypto
  • Scalability
  • Customer hesitation and education

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