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Every company needs a finance department to thrive and grow. A large blockchain company needs a fully functioning finance department that will take care of pay roles, handle financial decisions for the company, and much more. Finance career hopefuls who want to find their place in the blockchain industry have plenty of opportunities to choose from. As Web3 companies continue to grow, their need for finance departments arises with the success of their products and services. 

Finance jobs are very important and are needed for the growth of any company. From financial planning to investments, a crypto company needs access to the crème de la crème of the finance world to help them achieve their goals within their set budget. 

What Types of Jobs Are Available in The Finance Industry?

Crypto finance jobs are available in abundance at the moment. Regardless of the size of the company, every organization needs at least a few individuals who work in the finance department. Organizations prefer individuals who are highly qualified, but there is always room for fresh finance career hopefuls. Some of the most sought-after positions in the financial department are:

Legal Admin: A Legal Admin will perform budgeting and accounting tasks, supervise administrative employees, oversee office arrangements, run pay roles, maintain files, and conduct legal research for the finance team. The average salary of a Legal Admin is $83K per year. 

Finance Manager: A Finance Manager is responsible for distributing the financial resources of a blockchain company. The individual will provide financial advice to executive management teams, plan the budget, and help them make the best financial decisions for the company. They will provide financial reports, formulate strategies for maximizing profits, and work towards the long-term success of the company. A Financial Manager earns $124K on average per year. 

Financial Risk Analyst: The role of a Financial Risk Analyst is to oversee and prevent risk management for a company. They need to have great oversight, strong decision-making skills, and be exceptional risk-takers. This is a challenging position that demands optimum time-management skills and solution-based thinking. The Financial Risk Analyst will reduce a company’s liability, make decisions based on market conditions, and ensure the company stays financially safe. The average per annum salary of a Financial Risk Analyst is $98K. 

Policy Manager: An important position in the financial team of a crypto company, Policy Manager is a leader who creates new strategies and plans new policies for the employees to follow. Working directly with finance managers, a Policy Manager needs to have a complete understanding of the Blockchain industry, the bylaws of the firm, and the existing policies of the company. They may also need to do some R&D work to make new policies as per company rules. The yearly salary of a Policy Manager is $112K on average. 

Financial Analyst: A Financial Analyst is an important part of the Finance department but actively works with all departments in the firm. The individual needs to direct the client or the company toward better financial decisions and profits. This is a niche job that requires traveling for work, but the perks and benefits of the job make it all worth it in the end. Per annum, a Financial Analyst earns $92K on average. 

Financial Crime Analyst: The role of a Financial Crime Analyst is very simple: keep a record of all financial activities and transactions of a company. In case of fraud, they will be the first person to find any discrepancy and prevent financial crimes. While the job is tough, it is very important. The average salary of a Financial Crime Analyst is $83K per year. 

What Qualifications Are Required for A Finance Job?

There are certain parameters for qualification that have been set by the industry experts. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for remote finance jobs or in-office blockchain finance jobs; you need to fulfill these qualifications if you want to thrive in the position. 

These qualifications requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance or Accounting
  • Certification in Finance Management
  • CFA, ACA, FRM, CFP or CAIA Qualification
  • Experience in Relevant Field

What Skills Are Needed to Succeed in A Finance Job?

While finance career hopefuls need to have solid qualifications, they also need to possess some skills that are often valued over qualifications for certain roles. These skills are:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Great Analytical Thinking Skills
  • A Problem-Solving Attitude
  • Should be Great at Financial Reporting
  • Great Management Skills
  • Should Have a Business-Savvy Approach
  • Be Aware of Blockchain Technology
  • Have Great Time Management Skills
  • Excellent Risk Analyst

Each position is different, so make sure to research the available finance jobs in Web3 before applying. 

What Is the Salary Range for Finance Jobs?

The salary range of finance jobs changes with the position and the experience of the individual. The average salary of finance jobs is between $83K and $124K. However, the average salary range can change as per your experience, qualification, or your position.  

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