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Dubbed as the overachievers of the Web3 world, Data Scientists are vital for the success of any crypto project. These individuals look at even the tiniest of details to get the information required for the success of the project. A crypto or blockchain company will have a team dedicated to the craft to aid their developers, engineers, and others to work according to expectations.

These jobs are technical and are often among the highest-paid positions in the industry. These individuals are highly educated and trained, which is why they have good compensation for their services.

What Is Web3 Data Science?

Data Scientists or individuals working in this department will observe the unstructured data and extract information from it. They take raw data and draw out useful information, help in creating better processes, and make the jobs of the rest of the team easier.

What Salary Can I Expect from A Web3 Data Science Job?

The salary expectations of a data science career hopeful are always decent. The compensation for their expertise and their time is well-adjusted. That being said, the individuals who want to build their data science career need to be hard workers and great with time management. Since their job requires them to work long hours, the candidates should be flexible with their work.

The top positions among the available data science jobs are:

Machine Learning Engineer: An important part of the Data Science team, a Machine Learning Engineer will research, design, and build artificially intelligent systems. They are also tasked with maintaining and improving the existing systems. The candidate for this position should have great knowledge of Data Science and statistics. On average, a Machine Learning Engineer will earn $1170K per year.

Data Engineer: The job responsibilities of a Data Engineer consist of managing, implementing, and designing data infrastructure. Along with that, the individual will also be responsible for developing tools and processes to retain data integrity. The individual should also be able to design and maintain data. The average salary of a Data Engineer is $136K per year.

Data Scientist: A Data Scientist works with Data Engineers and Developers to generate reports and results. They will develop predictive models to forecast marketing trends by studying data trends and patterns. The individual needs to be well-versed in creating algorithms as well as machine learning techniques. A Data Scientist earns per a annum salary of $127K on average.

Data Analyst: As the name suggests, a Data Analyst will collect data and analyze large sets of data to gather information. They perform market research, customer feedback, and such to gather the information required. The individual is responsible for reporting, data handling, and data modeling. The candidate works with the Data Science team on a day-to-day basis to generate results. On average, a Data Analyst earns $80k per year.

Marketing Data Analyst: Another position that explains its name’s sake perfectly, the Marketing Data Analyst gathers marketing data about the target market and generates best marketing practices for the team to follow. They use surveys, questionnaires, polls, focus groups, and literature analysis to help them in their quest. The individual will also review marketing campaigns, research competitors, and help in improving the campaigns. The average per annum salary of a Marketing Data Analyst is $77K.

Financial Data Analyst: The Financial Data Analyst helps the organization make sound business decisions. They examine financial records, create in-depth reports, and stay in touch with key stakeholders as well as organizational leaders. The individual interprets data and research financial trends. The average salary of a Financial Data Analyst is $80K.

Is Data Science a Good Career?

A Data Science career is considered to be excellent for individuals who want to thrive and are not afraid of working hard. There is a high demand for Data Scientists and relevant fields already. It is expected that the interest will increase further in the coming years as blockchain and Web3 industries thrive. The benefits and compensation for these positions are high, too.

What Skills Do I Need to Have to Be Successful in A Blockchain Data Science Job?

There are certain skills that you must have in order to thrive in your blockchain data science jobs. These are:

  • They need to have command over programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Rust, and Solidity.
  • They must have command over probability and statistics.
  • They must be great at data wrangling as well as database management.
  • They should have command over tools such as Talend, Tamr, Altair, Oracle, MySQL, and more.
  • The Data Scientist should also be great at deep learning and machine learning techniques.
  • Cloud computing and its tools should be a part of their skill set.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Available in Web3 Data Science?

The most in-demand Data Science Jobs in Web3 are:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Financial Data Analyst

Where Can I Find Crypto Data Science Job Postings?

You can find the latest data science jobs at This platform is used by Web3 and Blockchain companies all over the world to post their jobs and get in touch with the best talent.

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