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Blockchain is still evolving, and it is becoming an integral part of the international business markets. Generating sales has become a priority for some of these organizations. Web3 sales jobs are available in abundance, and companies are looking for the best talent from all over the world to join them.

Your sales career can take flight by working in the blockchain, especially considering that there is an influx of sales jobs in the industry. The Web3 niche is booming, and it only makes sense for the sales personnel to join the bandwagon while the industry is still ripe for fresh talent.

What Kind of Salary Can I Expect to Make from A Blockchain, Web3, Or Crypto Sales Job?

The salary of sales professionals depends on their experience in the field; however, that is not all. The impact of these positions has a higher chance to reflect on your annual salary than just your education or experience. Since these positions are crucial for business, Web3 companies like to give room to these professionals to work in an environment where they can perform well. 

There are certain positions that are always in high demand or offer the best salary package to individuals. The salary in sales jobs ranges from $85K to $201 average per year. These roles and positions are:

Chief Commercial Officer: A Chief Commercial Officer is also known as a Chief Business Officer. A professional in this role will work with defining a company’s commercial policies, overseeing sales objectives, implementing sales strategies, and ensuring that the organization is adhering to the annual budget. The Commercial Officer’s main focus is to generate revenue, drive profit, and help the Web3 business grow. On average, a Chief Commercial Officer earns up to $201K.

Account Executive: An Account Executive is responsible for liaison with clients. The job of an account executive is to keep communication open between the client and the blockchain business. They work on building new client relationships while also safeguarding the existing client business. These individuals work with the internal teams as well as the clients on a daily basis, so having good communication skills is a must. An Account Executive is $104K per annum on average.

Business Development Manager: A Blockchain Business Development Manager’s work includes liaising with partnerships and generating growth. The individual will have to conduct market research, develop new partnerships, collaborate between teams, engage with clients, and more. A Business Development Manager in the Blockchain industry will earn up to 122K on average.

Sales Engineer: One of the most important positions in the sales department of a Blockchain organization, a Sales Engineer will sell complex products to other organizations and businesses. They bridge the gap between sales teams and product development teams. This position requires the individual to travel a lot and be great at communication since they need to sway the client in the meetings. Per annum, a Sales Engineer earns $125k on average.

Product Manager: Another sales position that heavily reflects on a business’s bottom line, a Product Manager’s role is self-explanatory. They are leaders in strategizing, implementing, and aligning support from different departments. They are involved in customer support, product engineering, and sales and marketing to ensure timely delivery of results. A Product Manager earns $118k per year on average.

Sales Manager: A Sales Manager manages and directs the sales team to drive revenue, generate sales, find new leads, and build relationships with clients. A Blockchain Sales Manager will set sales targets, generate revenue forecasts, and meet client expectations. A Sales Manager earns an average salary of $85K in a year.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Get a Blockchain, Web3, or Crypto Sales Job?

Crypto sales jobs are not technical, but they do need dedication and patience. You technically don’t need a formal education for sales jobs, but having a degree to back you up is a good edge. Experience in the field is more important than education, so you need to work dedicatedly for a few years to go higher in your sales career.

What Are the Most Important Skills to Have for A Successful Blockchain, Web3, Or Crypto Sales Job?

Web3 sales jobs are very important, and the personnel applying for any position in sales must have certain skills. You will need to possess the below-mentioned skills to excel in web3 sales jobs:

  • Knowledge of Web3 and Blockchain
  • Be an Active Listener
  • Build Empathy with Clients
  • Be Great at Time Management
  • Have Great Negotiation Skills
  • Understand Business Problems
  • Have the Ability to Analyze Risks
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Create New Opportunities
  • Build Good Client Relationships
  • Have Effective Communication Skills
  • Great at Project Management
  • Great at Strategizing

How Can I Prepare for An Interview for A Crypto Sales Job?

Presenting your best self in an interview is very important. There are some tips that you must follow in order to prepare for an interview for a sales job in crypto. These are:

  • Do your research on the company and position before you go for the interview.
  • You should have complete knowledge of Crypto and Blockchain technology.
  • Try to make a solid and confident first impression by dressing properly, making eye contact, and speaking in a clear voice.
  • You should be very specific about your work history, share your work experiences, and what you have achieved so far.
  • Highlight your customer service skills.

At the end of the interview, ask questions about what the role will be, what the company’s expectations are, and what they require from the person filling that position.

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