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The accounts department is essential for any business, and Web3 companies are no different. As the Web3 landscape expands, more and more accounts jobs are opening up by blockchain organizations. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain attention from the common public, the need for specialists is traditional, and crypto accounting is rising.

More and more companies are looking for competent accountants or other accounts career hopefuls who will mesh well with the crypto industry. Crypto accounting jobs are among the highly sought-after positions in a blockchain company.

What Does a Crypto Accountant Do?

Among the many jobs that were created with the emergence of the blockchain industry, Crypto Accountant is a position that has taken center stage. Everything that has value can be tracked on a blockchain network, and it is the job of a Crypto Accountant to keep track of them all for a company or a client.

The individual in this position will also look at other factors, such as the availability of digital assets, their competition, and demand. They will utilize special software to monitor all the changes in the value of digital assets. The average annual salary of a Crypto accountant is $72K.

Top Crypto Accounts Jobs

There are many other positions in the accounts department that have become important for blockchain companies. Thanks to the influx of talented individuals, blockchain companies are now ready to hire accounts jobs in Web3 from all over the world. Remote account jobs are also available for talented individuals. 

Some of the blockchain accounts jobs with the best compensation include:

Accounting Manager: As the name suggests, the Accounting Manager is responsible for the supervision and management of the accounting department of a crypto company. The individual in this position will review financial statements, prepare reports for upper management, and oversee accountants. They may also be involved in implementing and developing accounting procedures and policies. The average annual salary of an Accounting Manager is $95K.

Finance Manager: A Finance Manager is often the key decision-maker for a company. They work in tandem with Accounting Managers to analyze the data and advise the company on profit-maximizing ventures. Their goal is to steer the company in the right direction, avoid financial loss, and promote the greatest returns on investment. A Finance Manager earns an average salary of $124K in a year.

Risk Manager: Another important position in a blockchain company, a Risk Manager oversees the company's risk and insurance management program. The individual in this position will identify and assess the risks that could affect the company or its image. They may also look at the financial factors to get the job done. Per annum, a Risk Manager earns $103K on average.

Trade Sales Representative: The Trade Sales Representative gets in touch with customers directly to provide exceptional customer care. In addition to answering their questions and offering solutions, the person will put them in contact with an expert if necessary. They acquire orders, create new accounts, and stay in touch with the company’s clientele. For the sake of the business, a Trade Sales Representative must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to sustain positive client interactions. The average annual salary for a Trade Sales Representative is $96K.

Quant Trader: Quantitative Traders or Quant Traders are very important for a crypto company. When trading, the Quantitative Trader keeps mathematical and quantitative techniques in mind. They are highly skilled at analyzing markets and financial products and have an excellent eye for detail. The person is skilled at estimating risks and identifying trading opportunities for both the business and the client. A Quant Trader typically makes $169K a year.

Financial Analyst:  Although they actively collaborate with other divisions within the company, Financial Analysts are a crucial component of the finance department. The person must guide the customer or business toward wiser financial choices and increased revenue. Although this is a specialized career that involves travel, the rewards and advantages of the position ultimately make it worthwhile. The average annual salary for a Financial Analyst is $92K.

How To Become an Accountant?

You need to start right if you want to build a thriving accounts career and want to excel in it. In order to become an accountant, you need to:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in Auditing, Accounting, Finance, or any related field.
  • Start gaining experience at an internship or an entry-level position.
  • Choose a specialty and build up skills according to that.
  • Get certified, if required.

Is Accountant Is a Good Career?

A profession in accounting offers excellent job stability and compensation, as they are the backbone of every organization. A career in accounting is a fantastic choice for individuals who want to put their organizational and analytical abilities to use. The job of an accountant could be quite satisfying if you like crunching numbers and figuring out financial issues.

What Are the Career Opportunities in Account?

The world is your oyster once you get started in an accounts career. You will have multiple career options, some of which include:

  • Account Manager
  • Crypto Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Accounting
  • Chartered Accountant

What Is the Salary of a Crypto Accountant?

The average salary of a Crypto Accountant is $72K; however, a more experienced professional can earn up to $111K.

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