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The crypto world has taken flight in the past decade. After the initial success of Bitcoin, the crypto landscape came to a standstill, but the flow came back in this decade. Now, we have more successful cryptocurrencies and many new hopefuls who want to invest in them.

Crypto trading is now common, and Blockchain companies are adding a trading team to their repertoire. Organizations are paying attention to the demands of their clientele and giving them the guidance they desire to thrive in this industry.

What Is Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading is the buying and selling of digital currencies. The trader is tasked with trading cryptocurrencies and making a profit with the transactions. All of this is done on the digital marketplace. It is safe but needs a lot of patience and discipline from the trader. 

Organizations and companies build their own trading portfolios first and then offer investment opportunities to their clients. Crypto trading jobs are very important and crucial, which is why companies prefer to hire experienced professionals for these positions.

What Is the Average Salary of a Crypto Trader?

Crypto companies hire traders and individuals who will work as part of their trade teams to make a difference for the organization. Crypto companies have certain trading positions opened that directly benefit the company. However, there are positions that include working with clients, maintaining their portfolios, and so on.

These are some of the highest-paying crypto jobs at the moment. Remote trading jobs are also available for talented individuals all over the world. At the moment, crypto companies are hiring individuals who have a passion for crypto trading and want to expand their expertise.

Some of the most lucrative and highest-paying trading jobs are:

System Support Specialist: A System Support Specialist is an important IT specialist who will fix issues, upgrade systems, assess system performance, monitor any changes, and fix application crashes. The position is very important for any company that works with SaaS applications, such as crypto companies that have dedicated trading teams. They support the team with their IT expertise. The average salary of a System Support Specialist is $64K in a year.

Trade Sales Representative: The Trade Sales Representative directly contacts the clients to offer them superb customer service. The individual will handle their queries, provide solutions, and get them in touch with an expert if the need arises. They establish new accounts, obtain orders, and maintain clients. A Trade Sales Representative needs to have great communication and interpersonal skills to maintain good relationships with clients on behalf of the company. Per annum, a Trade Sales Representative earns $96K on average. 

DeFi Trader: A DeFi Trader is an essential member of the trade team of a crypto company. The individual for the job needs to have a competitive attitude and must have an eagerness for trade. They should be self-motivated because the individual would be working on trades and keeping an eye on trading operations as well. A DeFi Trader earns $103K on average in a year.

Compliance and Risk Officer: The Compliance and Risk Officer is responsible for ensuring that the trade team is adhering to the company regulations. The Compliance and Risk Officer implements internal policies, and company rules to maintain a safe work environment for all. They need to be great at assessing risks, communicating, interpreting data, and solving problems. The yearly salary of a Compliance and Risk Officer is $97K on average.

Relationship Manager: The job of a Relationship Manager is simple: improve the relationship between clients, partners, and companies. The individual is at the forefront of all client communications. They keep an eye on queries, come up with resolutions, and offer quick solutions. The individual needs to be great at communication and negotiations, as they need these two skills the most. The yearly salary of a Relationship Manager is $114K on average.

Quant Trader: A Quant Trader or a Quantitative Trader is a specialized position in a trading team. The Quantitative Trader keeps quantitative and mathematical methods in mind to trade. They have a keen eye for detail and are very sharp at evaluating markets and financial products. The individual is an expert at calculating risks and finding trading opportunities for the client and company. On average, a Quant Trader earns $185K per year.

What Type of Skills Are Required for Crypto Trading Jobs?

Not everyone can be a crypto trader. Trading jobs in Web3 are important and need experienced professionals. Since the traders will be using client investments to trade, trading career hopefuls need to be excellent at their jobs. 

There are certain skills that a trading expert should have in order to secure trading jobs. These are:

  • They Should Have Analytical Thinking Skills.
  • They Should Be Great at Research.
  • They Should Be Good at Record Keeping.
  • They Should be Excellent at Risk Management.
  • They Should Have Good Communication Skills.
  • They Should Have Patience and Discipline.

What Type of Education Is Required to Become a Crypto Trader?

Organizations and companies have certain education requirements that a trading career hopeful will have to fulfill. You will have to complete a certification program related to market analysis, cryptocurrency trading strategies, trading psychology, and risk management. Other than that, having experience trading cryptocurrencies is a huge plus. 

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