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Customer support is essential for any business. Having a dedicated customer support team has become imperative with the constant change and evolution of the Blockchain industry. Companies need customer support teams to interact with clients and act as the backbone of the organization.

Organizations need a dedicated customer support team to guide their new investors and stakeholders through the processes. The new client needs a reassuring hand and help with the complex world of Blockchain. A team of experienced customer support specialists can do wonders for any Web3 company.

What Is a Blockchain Customer Support Job?

Not everyone can be a crypto customer support provider. The people who thrive in a customer support career have huge potential for thriving in challenging conditions and a penchant for clear communication. The customer support jobs in Web3 are available in different roles and positions because there is a huge gap between customers and companies at the moment. 

Having a fully functioning customer support department can not only bridge that gap but it can also help with ensuring you bring in more customers and help them stick around for more. At the moment, most Web3 companies offer various remote customer support jobs as well as positions where the individual would have to directly connect with the clients.

Customer support jobs are vital for the success of any company. Since customer support is integral for any business, having a solid team is very important. Organizations are looking for talented individuals to fill in their vacancies and strengthen their teams. The below-mentioned jobs are open at the moment:

Customer Support Assistant: As the name suggests, a customer support assistant will take on customer queries and try to offer a solution to them. If the solution is beyond the assistant, they will then transfer the client over to an expert. The Customer Support Assistant needs to have complete information about the products and services provided by the organization so that they can help the customers accordingly. On average, a Customer Support Assistant earns about $42K per year.

Live Customer Support Specialist: A Live Customer Support Specialist or Live Chat Support is a customer support representative who provides live support to the customers. The individuals are hired for remote customer support jobs, and they offer live chat support on the website of the company and direct them in the right direction. The perfect individual for this job will need to identify the client’s needs, analyze the query, and then help them to the best of their abilities. A Live Customer Support Specialist earns $47K on average in a year.

Customer Experience Manager: The Customer Experience Managers lead the customer support teams and guide them in the right direction. The manager will create strategies for dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis, and create rules, and boundaries. Their job is to increase customer loyalty, improve customer experiences, and have exceptional analytical and communication skills. They should have a strong grasp of problem-solving, must be strong leaders, and have a customer-centric mind. Per annum, the median salary of a Customer Experience Manager is $112K. 

Frontline Support Engineer: A Frontline Support Engineer is the first line of defense for an organization. These individuals need to be great with communication as they are often called upon when the situation escalates with a client. They need to be meticulous in handling customers' queries and be spot-on with documentation and case management. The average yearly salary of a Frontline Support Engineer is $81K.

Client Onboarding Specialist: The Client Onboarding Specialist is exactly like its name’s sake. The specialist will work directly with clients and ensure that the first interaction/or the first deal with the client is a success. They act as a support system for the client, guide them through the processes, and ensure client satisfaction. A Client Onboarding Specialist earns an average of $58K per year.

Technical Community Manager: Not among the easiest blockchain customer support jobs, the Technical Community Manager builds the online community for the organization. Easier said than done, the job of the manager is to invite responses, engage the target audience, and make them active participants while overseeing the online systems of the organization. They should have incredible communication skills, be good leaders, be active listeners, and should have great time management skills. The average yearly salary of a Technical Community Manager is $91K.

How Do I Become Qualified for A Web3 Customer Support Job?

There are certain skills you need to be able to qualify for a Web3 customer support job. These are:

  • Strong Problem-Solving Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Good Conflict Resolution Skills
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in A Relevant Field
  • Be Persuasive
  • Have a Positive Outlook
  • Must Have Complete Knowledge of Blockchain, Web3, and Other Niche Markets

A person with these skills will have a comfortable time adjusting to the blockchain industry. Moving up to higher ranks will become easier, and growth will be much more positive. Of course, you will also need to work hard and be dedicated to the job to attain these results.

What Is the Average Salary for A Blockchain Customer Support Job?

On average, blockchain customer support jobs pay $42K to $112K. However, the salary bracket strongly reflects the qualifications and the experience of the individual. Your salary can increase if you have better experience.

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