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The blockchain landscape has changed over the decade. There were highs and lows at times, but things have picked up pace. Now that the industry has evolved over the years, we have more technical positions open that can help the industry thrive.  

Most Crypto companies or Web3 companies are now searching for analysts to join their ranks. From entry-level jobs to senior positions, analyst jobs are available for those who want to expand their horizon and become part of something revolutionary.

What Is the Typical Job Description of a Crypto Analyst?

While there are various analyst roles available at the moment, the job of the Crypto Analyst is much different than most. Their job description is changing and a little tricky, but those who are invested in the industry will enjoy working as a crypto analyst.

Typically, the job description of a crypto analyst includes:

  • Analyze prices and trends of different cryptocurrencies.
  • Create sound trade strategies that are effective and profitable.
  • Recommend information and advice to trading experts for client investments.
  • Research, create, and compile reports to help companies make sound decisions.

On average, a Crypto Analyst makes $62K per annum.

What Is the Average Salary of a Crypto Analyst?

An average crypto analyst earns decent money as compared to their counterparts in other industries. As long as you have the drive and the skills, your hard work can make you an integral part of the blockchain industry.

Web3 landscape is different, which is why there is room for improvement and growth for the analysts. Different organizations require different analyst positions that will look at various aspects of the industry. As the blockchain industry is wide and far-reaching, it is imperative for analysts to fully understand what is expected of them and how they can deliver the best results.

At the moment, many companies are looking for certain analyst roles to be filled. The below-mentioned positions are always in high demand. More often than not, these positions are also one of the most lucrative and highest paying at any given moment.  

NFT Analyst: An NFT Analyst needs to analyze transaction data, consumer behavior, and market trends to understand what is happening at the ground level. They will then report their findings and help clients, or the company make investment decisions accordingly. Often working within teams, the NFT Analyst will develop concepts, design ecosystems, build project roadmaps, and work with specialists. On average, an NFT Analyst earns up to $86K in a year.

Technical Risk Analyst: As the name suggests, a Technical Risk Analyst works within the Data Science team. It is their job to analyze risks, identify vulnerabilities, prevent data theft, protect information, and model risks. They are also responsible for protecting the digital assets of a crypto company. As a highly technical position, a Technical Risk Analyst earns $82K per year on average.

Marketing Analyst: An important position in an emerging Crypto company, a Marketing Analyst is responsible for deciding which products and services would succeed. The individual will conduct market research, advise the company as to which product should be sold, what market they should target, set the price of the service or product, and more. The individual will also monitor consumer behavior and competition. The per annum average salary of a Marketing Analyst is $63K.

Investment Analyst: Part of the Finance Department, an Investment Analyst will evaluate investment and financial information to help a crypto company make informed decisions. They fact-check, research the market, and create strategies to ensure the company is on the right track. The Investment Analyst might need to travel for the job, and they might also have to work long hours. The average salary of an Investment Analyst is $98K per year.

Financial Analyst: An important role, a Financial Analyst is an integral part of the Finance team and works closely with multiple departments. A Crypto Finance Analyst needs to have complete information about blockchain and all of its niche markets to make sound investment decisions. The goal of the individual is to guide the company or the client towards better financial decisions that will result in higher profit margins. A Financial Analyst earns up to $92K per year on average.  

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Crypto Analyst?

There are certain qualifications and requirements that an analyst career hopeful will have to fulfill. While experience is very necessary in crypto analyst jobs, your education will play a big role in your salary expectations. To begin with, a crypto analyst will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Software Development, Information Security, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or Web Development. Having any certification or a relevant diploma will further aid your career.

What Skills Are Required to Be Successful in A Crypto Analyst Role?

Crypto analyst jobs require certain skills that any job hopefuls need to possess if they want to succeed at the position. These skills are:

  • Firm Understanding of Blockchain Industry
  • Proficient in Data Analysis
  • Understand Software Development Life Cycle
  • Good Communication and Writing Skills
  • Create Reports
  • Strong Understanding of Microsoft Excel
  • Be Great at Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Have Great Decision-Making Skills
  • Great At Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Have Excellent Time Management Skills

What Kind of Companies Typically Hire Crypto Analysts?

The blockchain world is expanding, and more organizations are now dipping their toes in the industry. Crypto is proving to be lucrative, which is why more remote analyst jobs are opening up. Certain types of companies have blockchain analyst jobs open. These are:

  • Web3 Service Companies
  • Cryptocurrency Companies
  • DApp Development Companies
  • Crypto Financial Advisory Companies

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