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Marketing is the backbone of every business, and Web3 is no different. The Crypto industry needs specialized marketing professionals to bring new business, expand the horizon of the niche market, and ensure the industry thrives as it enters a new era of digitalization. Marketing professionals always have to find innovative ways to make a business or product stand out, and crypto marketing professionals have to go up and beyond that to get the job done.

However, marketing professionals will get plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills and grow with the industry. The seasoned marketing career campaigners know how tough the job is, but everything can be achieved with dedication and hard work.

Crypto and blockchain companies are always in need of marketing professionals and have marketing jobs open for the right individuals. Remote marketing jobs are not hard to come by and there are options available for marketing professionals to work their magic in whatever capacity they want.  

What Is a Crypto Marketing Job?

Crypto marketing jobs are different from marketing roles in other industries. A marketing career hopeful needs to have a deep understanding of the Blockchain and Web3 landscape. They need to understand the ecosystem, who the target audience is, and how the industry works before their actual work begins.

However, with dedication and resilience, they can make anything work. There are certain marketing jobs that are in high demand at the moment. There are also marketing jobs in Web3 that require the attention of experienced professionals who can take on a big role and do justice to it. 

Of course, the salaries for these marketing positions are higher than most. These are standout blockchain marketing jobs that are in demand and pay well.

Marketing Manager: The role of the Marketing Manager is all-encompassing. The manager will strategize campaigns, create estimates for budgets, set the tone for the brand, advertise using different platforms, and even prepare sales contracts for the organization. They identify the target market, research it, and then set the goals accordingly. They will also be responsible for the marketing team and the efforts they make. A Marketing Manager will earn up to $116K per year on average.

Technical Content Writer: A Technical Content Writer is an important member of the Marketing Team. Often working directly under the Marketing Manager, the content writer generates original content for the organization and ensures the brand is seen in the best light. The individual needs to have a complete understanding of Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3 to ensure they put out the right content. They also work with the SEO team to get the best results. On average, a Technical Content Writer makes $50K or more in a year.

Social Media Manager: The Social Media Manager becomes the point person for the crypto organization. The world is moving to social media, and it is the job of the Social Media Manager to set the content strategy to drive engagement for the company’s social media identities. The individual needs to have an eye for storytelling, have a design sense and be able to read the target audience really well. Per annum, a Social Media Manager earns $62K or more on average.

PR Manager: A PR Manager is all about maintaining a great public image for the crypto company. The individual will work with clients, maintain communications, generate a good point of view of the company, and overall act as the face of the company at times. This is a mid-level management role and is often considered to be a great marketing career option. A PR manager earns $120K or more on average in a year.

SEO Manager: No marketing team is complete without an SEO Manager. The SEO Manager is responsible for implementing the best SEO strategies, creating new opportunities with ad campaigns online, planning content, conducting PPC Marketing, maintaining a healthy Keyword strategy, and keeping an eye on web analytics. This is a technical position and requires the attention of an experienced professional. On average, an SEO manager earns $86K every year.  

Marketing Analyst: Different from the role of Marketing Manager, a Marketing Analyst helps the company decide which products they should sell and what they should avoid. This is a very crucial and important role in any Web3 organization. They decide which products should be sold, at what price they should sell for, what the target audience should be, and more. A Marketing Analyst will also keep an eye on the competition and consumer behavior. The average annual salary of a Marketing crypot  Analyst is $63K.

Graphic Designer: As the name suggests, a Graphic Designer generates images, infographics, motion graphics, and even typography for a team of marketers. They often work with content teams, marketing teams, and SEO teams. They also create graphics for advertisements, brochures, and any other print or electronic media needed by the blockchain company. The average salary of a Graphic Designer is $50K or more in a year.

What Is the Top Job in Crypto Marketing?

Blockchain marketing jobs are available in various roles, and talented individuals can choose their pick according to their expertise. However, at any given time, the top Crypto marketing jobs include:

  • Marketing Analyst
  • SEO Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Technical Content Writer

Where Can I Find Web3 Marketing Jobs?

You can find a variety of Web3 Marketing Jobs on The platform is made for individuals who want to break into the crypto and blockchain industry to make an impact.

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