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PR management is slowly gaining priority within the Web3 industry. As more companies are attracting the attention of the masses, they need intelligent, charismatic, and dynamic people to take charge of their Public Relations. This has led to the inclusion of PR management jobs in blockchain companies that want to market their products and services to the masses.

The web3 PR management jobs are high-paying positions that add value to the business. These positions are very important because they are entrusted with sending the right message about the business to the people. The individuals in this position create strong brand reputations for their clients, promote them, and help them achieve a clean image.

Top PR Management Jobs

Blockchain PR management jobs go beyond just keeping the public and press informed about the upcoming products and services of a company. They provide their clients or employers with exposure to better growth opportunities, create lasting relationships with key audiences, and help them take the business to the next level.

Some of the most common yet important PR management careers in Web3 company include: 

PR Manager: A PR or Public Relations Manager is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive image for the clients or employer. To increase awareness of the company's goals and offerings, they will develop opportunities, draft press releases, and plan social media campaigns. The average annual compensation of a PR Manager is $83K.

Communication Manager: A Communication Manager is responsible for maintaining and supervising communication with the teams as well as with the clients. They keep the channel open and ensure that both parties are happy. They also work with the marketing teams and often present press releases or publicity documents to push the company’s image in a better light. The per annum average salary of a Communication Manager is $89K.

Relationship Manager: As the name suggests, a Relationship Manager improves the relationship between companies and their partners and/or clients. An average relationship manager makes $80,000 per year.

Client Engagement Manager: Unlike a Relationship Manager, a Client Engagement Manager is responsible for maintaining and building lasting relations with clients. They act as a link between the customer and the company. The average annual salary for a client engagement manager is $98K.

Communications Lead: The Communications Lead often works with the Communication Managers to develop new initiatives and strategies to enhance a company’s communications with their clients and customers. The average salary of a communications lead is $31K a year.

Public Relations Strategist: As the name suggests, a Public Relations Strategist will create PR strategies and help the company identify key stakeholders. They frequently completely revamp a company's PR approach and aid in gaining the public's trust through a thoughtfully chosen content plan. On average, a Public Relations Strategist earns $118K in a year.

How Do I Become a Public Relations Manager?

You must meet the following prerequisites if you're interested in working as a public relations manager.

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in PR, journalism, or communication.
  • Get certified in a relative discipline.
  • Apply for jobs.

Is PR A Good Career Choice?

PR jobs come in a wide range of forms and can be found in numerous sectors. This makes it an excellent field for those with a wide range of interests. PR is a fantastic job choice if you're searching for something creative, demanding, and fulfilling.

What Degree Is Best for a Public Relations Manager?

In order to build a public relations manager, you need to have a degree in:

  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Journalism

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