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Web3 companies are slowly but surely rising to the top of the technology sector. What was once ruled by a select few centralized entities is now being dominated by decentralized system users who foresee a brighter future for the internet.

Most blockchain companies are expanding their business and making room for more brilliant individuals who can thrive in this liberating environment. Full-stack development has taken flight in the past decade, and it has created a space for itself in the overall tech industry.

Needless to say, full-stack career hopefuls now have a lot of opportunities to choose from. Many big-name companies have high-paying full-stack development jobs with great benefits available. All they require are diligent people who are willing to devote their all to their services.

What Is the Work of a Full-Stack Developer?

A Full Stack Developer is often called the "master of all" in the development community. The individual holding this role is accountable for integrating blockchain technology into software and application design, development, and testing. In addition to that, they assist with data structures and internal tool management, help coding teams, and perform other tasks. They also take care of all front-end and back-end work.

What Is a Full-Stack Developer's Salary?

A Full Stack Developer typically makes $137K a year on average. However, a senior with ample experience can earn up to $241K on average in a year. As long as you have the talent and experience, you can earn a good salary even for remote full-stack development jobs.

What Are the Career Options for Full-Stack Development?

There are multiple other career options for you if you want to make your full-stack development career thrive. A blockchain development department needs all types of developers and engineers who can assist them in creating perfect systems, applications, and software. Some of these positions include:

Java Developer: Simply put, a Java Developer uses Java programming language to develop software and applications. They are specialized in Java and have full command of the language. To create websites and applications for the company, this individual works in tandem with other web developers and software engineers. An average Java developer makes $117K per year.

Python Developer: As the name suggests, a Python Developer designs, codes, debugs, and deploys development projects. Working on the server side of projects, these developers often coordinate with engineers to establish the project's organizational framework. For a Python developer, the median yearly salary is $141K.

Senior Software Engineer: The duties of a Software Engineer include creating, designing, testing, and maintaining software programs and solutions. They might develop network systems, operating systems, mobile apps, and web apps. To create a solid and reliable structure, they frequently collaborate with other software engineers in teams. The mean yearly income of a Software Engineer is $139K.

Web3 Product Designer: A Web3 Product Designer is in charge of designing, planning, and strategizing the entire process of creating a product. Together with other designers, they form a team to produce concepts, solicit feedback from stakeholders, and serve as a point of contact for developers, engineers, and designers. The yearly salary of a Web3 Product Designer is $138K.

Senior Program Manager: The Senior Program Manager is responsible for overseeing a project and the team working on it. The person holding this position will also plan, assign, and carry out strategies to guarantee the project is finished successfully and on schedule. They must have great analytical thinking skills and must be good leaders. Per annum, the average salary of a Senior Program Manager is $115K.

Is Full-Stack Development Hard?

Full stack development jobs in Web3 are challenging, but the rewards are worth it. If you work hard, put in your effort, then you will enjoy more than just the salary. You will rise quickly in the department if you can hone your talents.

Is Full Stack Developer a Good Career?

Crypto full-stack development jobs are in high demand at the moment. As more Web3 companies rise, the need for full-stack developers rises with it. Since full-stack developers have command over both front and backend development, companies prefer to hire them, even if these positions require higher pay. To attain a fulfilling career in full-stack development, you should master the following:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js

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