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Web3 and blockchain are still considered uncharted territory by many. But as the sector develops, more and more people are becoming aware of Web3 and how it is changing the internet's landscape for the better.

Professionals with advanced skills are moving between industries from all over the world to take part in this decentralization movement. Among these professionals are copywriters who are setting the tone and shaping the narrative of what we see today.

From creating the advertisement copy of a cryptocurrency to writing website content for a new blockchain company, copywriters and their hard work can be seen in every aspect of the Web3 industry. They educate the target audience, create promotional materials for the products, and are at the front of growth generation for the company.

Who Is a Web3 Copywriter?

One of the most powerful positions in the world of Web3, Copywriters understand the audience and can sway the opinion or decision of the audience with their words. A good Copywriter will enhance the traffic on the website and create a brand image for the company.

Typically, a Copywriter is responsible for creating promotional materials such as ads, emails, website content, and landing pages. They create the best writing copy with well-thought-out words to engage the audience. The content they create is shorter but has a bigger impact.

The average salary of a Web3 Copywriter is $76K. However, a more experienced professional can earn up to $140K per annum.

Top Copywriting Jobs

There are certain copywriting jobs that are considered to be one of the best. Copywriting jobs in Web3 are a little tougher because the industry is still growing, and the groundwork is far from finished. For this reason, the majority of businesses would rather employ the greatest candidates for blockchain copywriting positions. 

These are some positions you might find interesting if you want to start your copywriting career at a Web3 company.

Senior Content Writer: A Senior Content Writer's duties encompass creating content for email campaigns, landing pages, case studies, white papers, sales collateral, and, where necessary, eBooks. In addition, they mentor the other writers on the team and offer them support when required. The average Senior Content Writer's compensation is $76,000 per year.

Content Marketer: A Content Marketer's duties include organizing, planning, analyzing, and sharing material with the goal of bringing in new customers for the business. They also create content on a regular basis. They produce white papers, infographics, videos, and how-to guides for the business or brand. These individuals collaborate closely with the managers and are experts in their fields. An average Content Marketer makes $74,000 per year.

Technical Content Writer: A Technical Content Writer is a vital member of the content team who transforms statistical data into engaging material that appeals to the right kind of audience. They transform factual information and dry facts into readable content. For a blockchain company, the person will also write journal articles, how-to manuals, and guides. Typically, a Technical Content Writer earns $80,000 a year on average.

Content Researcher: A Content Researcher is a vital member of the content team. Collaborating with the writers and other team members, the researcher will compile information and suggestions to enhance the quality of the content. This role may need the individual to produce content, format it, edit or proofread it, and make sure it complies with brand guidelines. A Content Researcher makes $119K per year on average.

Content Manager: The Content Manager is responsible for developing the company's content strategy, distributing marketing collateral, and creating content that is tailored to certain audiences. These individuals oversee the writing team and act as the spokesperson for the company. The candidate will take a hands-on and immediate approach to creating content. On rare occasions, the Content Manager may also need to take care of the production, editing, and posting of content. The yearly compensation of a Content Manager is $78K on average.

Is Copywriting a Successful Career?

A remote copywriting job or a regular copywriting career is a great option for people with creative minds. This is a rewarding position, especially in crypto copywriting jobs, because crypto companies are not shy of paying well to talented individuals.

How Do I Start a Copywriting Career?

To start your copywriting career, you need to:

  • Get a degree in English literature, business management, marketing, journalism, communication, or any other related field.
  • Understand the basics of copywriting.
  • Establish your niche and specialty.
  • Create your portfolio with your best pieces.
  • Apply for a suitable job.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Copywriter?

Technically, you don’t need any qualifications, but there are certain parameters set for copywriters that you will have to fulfill if you want to start working as a copywriter. You should:

  • Understand what copywriting is.
  • Have experience with content management systems.
  • Have an eye for detail.
  • Have proofreading experience.
  • Understand style guides.

What Is the Salary of a Copywriter?

The average salary of a Web3 Copywriter is $76K. However, a more experienced professional can earn up to $140K per annum.

Is Copywriter a High-Paying Job?

Copywriting jobs can be high paying if you have the skills and the experience. Your talent speaks for itself in the content industry, and if you work hard, you can earn a yearly income in six figures.

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