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Web3 content management career may be full of challenges, but it is rewarding just the same. From faster digital transformation to decentralized content delivery, the world of content management has changed over the past decade. 

Thanks to the integration of Web3 technology, content management has changed for the better. Of course, that means the content management jobs have changed with improved salaries. Now that more blockchain companies are launching, there is more growth for the people who want to make content creation their source of income. 

What Is the Job of a Content Manager?

The role of content manager is critical in a company's marketing and SEO strategies. The manager is in charge of developing the company's content strategy, distributing marketing communications, creating targeted content for the audience, and much more. 

These individuals are the voice of the brand and oversee the team of writers. The candidate will have a hands-on approach to content creation and posting schedule. Occasionally, the content manager will also have to edit, post, and create content as well. 

The per annum median salary of a Content Manager is $78K. 

What Is the Highest Salary of a Content Manager?

While the average salary of a Content Manager is $78K in a year, it can change according to the experience of the individual. The highest salary for a Content Manager is $151K.

Top Jobs in Content Management

The web3 content management jobs go beyond the position of a Content Manager. Typically, a content manager sits at the top of the hierarchy in the department. However, there are many other individuals who work together to make the department successful. 

Here are the top crypto content management jobs that you can avail yourself of right now. 

Content Writer: The job of a Content Writer includes generating content as per the instructions set by the brand. They have to adhere to set SEO practices, ensure the content is created according to the target audience, and attract new business. The individual in this position must have great writing skills and an informative writing style. The per annum average salary of a Content Writer is $76K.

Content Researcher: Content Researcher plays a very important role in the Content Team. Working with the writers and other team members, the researcher will gather facts and ideas to help improve the content's quality. The person in this position may be asked to create content, format it, edit or proofread it, and ensure that it adheres to the brand's standards. The annual salary of a Content Researcher is $119K. 

Social Media Manager: As the name suggests, a Social Media Manager manages the social media identities of a company or a client. The individual in this position will be responsible for creating campaigns, developing strategies to increase followers, and overall reviewing the analytics of social campaigns. They will often stay in communication with the key stakeholders in the company. The average salary of a Social Media Manager is $64K in a year. 

Marketing Manager: The Marketing Manager of a blockchain company will execute, implement, and develop marketing strategies for the brand or client. The strategies adopted will then attract and retain existing clients and gain new customers. They work with the Content Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Writer, and others in the department. Per year, a Marketing Manager earns $84K on average.

Content Marketer: A Content Marketer is responsible for analyzing, planning, researching, and distributing content with the aim of attracting potential customers to the business. They often create content as well. They produce videos, infographics, white papers, and how-to guides for the business or brand. These individuals are experts in their fields and collaborate closely with the managers. The average annual salary of a Content Marketer is $74K. 

Are Content Managers in Demand?

Content managers are highly sought after these days, especially in the blockchain sector. There will be a 10% increase in demand for content managers between 2018 and 2028. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain experience by looking for content management jobs in blockchain

How Do I Become a Web Content Manager?

Should you wish to pursue a career in web3 content management, the following advice will help you get started:

  • Complete a content marketing certification course to ensure that you are up to date with the current marketing strategies. 
  • Try to attain a degree in communication, marketing, journalism, or any related field. It will leave a good impression on the interviewer. 
  • Familiarize yourself with SEO and best SEO practices. Understand keyword research, identify the target market, and more. 

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