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Social media is now an essential aspect of the online environment. If corporate identities and brands are to thrive in competitive markets, they must establish a strong social media presence. Furthermore, most of the customers are located here.

Social media management jobs are increasing in the Web3 industry as more and more companies are embracing the future. Social media holds a lot of power, and blockchain companies understand that. This is why they have fully immersed themselves in ensuring their brand doesn’t fall behind as the world rushes forward. 

What Is the Job of a Social Media Manager?

A social media team of a blockchain company has multiple positions and roles, but it is the job of a Social Media Manager to give direction to them. The individual in this position is the leader who guides the whole team towards improved engagement and positive results. 

The Social Media Manager develops strategies and social campaigns to generate followers. They review analytics, produce content, and communicate with the stakeholders for the brand. They are responsible for creating and uplifting the brand image. 

It is an important position, and because of this, a Social Media Manager earns an average salary of $64K in a year. However, more experienced professionals may earn as much as $113K on average in a year. 

Top Social Media Management Jobs

There are many other blockchain social media management jobs that are just as important, if not more. The salary packages are attractive, and the work is stimulating, which is why many people prefer to work in the Web3 industries. The fact that remote social media management jobs are just as appreciated as in-office positions is just the cherry on top. 

Social Media Marketing Expert: As the name suggests, a Social Media Marketing Expert works closely with the Social Media Manager and develops and executes social media strategies. They are responsible for managing the business's social media accounts and creating content that complies with the demands of each platform. They are going to promote community engagement, optimize the pages, and produce captivating content. The per annum average salary of a Social Media Marketing Expert is $58K. 

Community Manager: The Community Manager exclusively builds a brand’s community and ensures that it remains intact. They engage with the community to develop trust and loyalty within the community. They manage, grow, and build relationships with stakeholders as well. Along with that, the individual in this possible launch live events and campaigns too. A community manager typically makes $71K per year.

Marketing Manager: A Marketing Manager is responsible for implementing, executing, and developing marketing strategies. They understand the current marketing trends and stay on top of them. They plan the budget, create content, and work towards the goal of increasing the sales of the crypto company. The Marketing Manager of a crypto company earns an average salary of 97K in a year. 

Technical Content Writer: The Technical Content Writer plays a vital role in the marketing strategy and social media presence of a company. The writer is responsible for creating content according to the needs of the brand while keeping the SEO and marketing strategies in mind without derailing the stylistic approach of the content team. On average, the annual salary of a Technical Content Writer is $80K. 

Customer Support Agent: A Customer Support Agent is responsible for handling customer complaints as well as being the first in line to attend to any customer queries. Strong interpersonal skills, a calm demeanor, and strong communication abilities are requirements for this role. In addition to offering solutions, this person will log customer complaints and should the issue arise, put the customer in contact with the appropriate person. A customer support agent typically makes $46K a year. 

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Social Media Manager?

A social media management career hopeful should have the following qualifications. 

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Journalism, or Relevant Field
  • More than Three Years of Working Experience
  • Expertise in Hootsuite (or relevant software) and Google Analytics
  • Excellent Copywriting Skills

How Do I Start a Career in Social Media?

Here is how you start your crypto career in social media:

  • Grow Your Own Social Media Presence
  • Be Adaptable to Change
  • Complete Social Media Certification
  • Gain Experience Working in a Relevant Field
  • Start Small but with Dedication

What Is Social Media Manager Salary?

The average salary of a social media manager is $64K in a year. 

What Is the Highest Salary in Social Media?

Experienced professionals may earn as much as $113K on average in a year. 

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