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Quality content creation has become an important part of Web3. As the world is slowly but surely moving toward a decentralized internet, the need for good content writers is rising in blockchain companies. In fact, these positions have become one of the most sought-after in a Web3 company.

Marketing teams and SEO teams rely heavily on their content writers and creators to educate the audience, explore topics that align with the brand’s values, and overall create a better value for the brand. Needless to say, there is an influx of content writing jobs in the blockchain market with good salary packages.

What Is the Salary for Writing Content?

The salaries for content writing jobs vary with position, talent, and experience. Every position in a content writing department is important, which is why crypto companies don’t spare any expenses when it comes to hiring the best talent in the world. They have many remote content writing jobs open for talented individuals who want to join the Web3 industry.

Some of the best-paying crypto content writing jobs are:

Senior Content Writer: The responsibility of a Senior Content Writer includes producing content such as white papers, case studies, blog posts, landing pages, email copy, sales collateral, and even eBooks when required. They will also guide the junior writers and provide them with assistance to help them. The per annum average salary of a Senior Content Writer is $76K.

Copywriter: Unlike a Content Writer, a Copywriter is a person who will write concise and clear content for marketing materials and ads. The Copywriter will work with graphic designers and web designers along with the marketing team. They develop concepts, brainstorm ideas, and articulate messaging. The average salary of a Copywriter is $77K in a year.

Technical Content Writer: An important position in the content team, a Technical Content Writer will take statistical data and turn it into rich content to attract a relevant audience. They take dry information and factual data to turn it into readable material. The individual will also create an instructions manual, journal articles, and how-to guides for a blockchain company. A technical content writer typically makes $80K a year.

Content Marketer: The job of a Content Marketer is to plan, organize, analyze, and disseminate content in an effort to draw in new clients for the company. They also frequently produce content. For the company or brand, they create infographics, videos, white papers, and how-to manuals. These people work closely with the managers and are authorities in their domains. The mean yearly income for a Content Marketer is $74K.

Content Lead: The individual working as the Content Lead will supervise the team. The candidate will create regular reports to provide insights into the performance of the content on various marketing channels. The person will also check to see if the strategies are working or not. The annual salary of a Content Lead is $78K on average.  

Content Manager: Along with many other responsibilities, the Content Manager is in charge of creating the company's content strategy, sending out marketing materials, and producing audience-targeted content. These people manage the writing staff and serve as the brand's spokesperson. The applicant will create content on the spot and with a hands-on approach. The Content Manager may occasionally need to handle content creation, editing, and posting as well. The average Content Manager salary is $78K per year.

How Do I Become a Content Writer?

If you want to write for a living and secure a blockchain job in content writing, you need to get better at writing. It's a good idea to go to workshops or classes that will advance your skills. You should also build your portfolio, or you can simply create your blog to showcase your writeups. 

How Can I Earn by Content Writing?

You can begin your journey as a freelance content writer. When your abilities are more advanced, you can apply for content writing positions in Web3 and collaborate with other writers to advance your career. 

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Content Writer?

You can become a content writer even if you don't have a formal education or degree. Still, having a degree to back you up is always preferable. You should get a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communication. However, actual experience working in the field will be valued more by the company.

Is SEO Content Writing a Good Career?

The career prospects for SEO content writers are very good. The demand for qualified writers who can create SEO-friendly content has surged as companies place an increasing emphasis on their online presence and search engine optimization.

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