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A Blockchain Community Manager manages and encourages the growth of the stakeholder’s community in the Web3 landscape. As the Crypto industry grows, the need for bigger and more community-focused roles is opening every day. More and more people are interested in investing in Web3 niche markets and becoming a part of the internet of tomorrow today.

To make that happen, Blockchain companies have opened community management jobs for individuals who have a keen knowledge of how to connect with people, turn up new clients, and make a whole new community of investors and future stakeholders. 

What Is a Blockchain Community Management Job?

Not to be confused with customer support teams, community management teams are closer to their namesake. Most community management jobs require some type of people-dealing skills. They build communities, manage them, keep them interested in the products or services, and allow them to feel like a part of the bigger picture.

Individuals who want to build their community management careers now prefer the blockchain industry because the opportunity to grow is very high here. The chances of rising above the ranks are very positive, considering you have the drive and passion for the job.

Here are some Crypto community management jobs that are available at the moment as well as some positions that are often wanted at all times.

Community Manager: A community manager is the point person between the clients and the organization. The role of a community manager is very important in a Web3 company because the niche industry is still growing and needs a liaison between clients and organizations. The manager and team will work as the voice of the company and will moderate the brand’s image via digital engagement, keep a keen eye on content distribution, and offer community support. Of course, their work also includes building trust between the company and the audience. On average, the salary of a community manager is $67K per annum.

Event Manager: Bigger crypto companies need event managers to create a sense of community between the clients and the Web3 company. The event manager will meet with clients to figure out their needs, maintain partnerships with them, organize events for the company, select venues, take care of transportation, overtake the layout of the event, and more. Their job includes successful event organizations and evaluating areas of improvement. An Event Manager earns $73K on average per year.

Social Media Manager: The Social Media Manager acts as the face of the Web3 company and interacts with the audience or the target market on behalf of the brand. The manager will drive engagement and create strategies for the content. They will need to have a design sense, understand the target audience, and should know how to generate traffic to the company services. Per annum, a Social Media Manager earns $62K on average.

Technical Content Engineer: Different from Content Writers, a Technical Content Engineer’s job includes explaining technical content to a layman and making it accessible to the target audience. A technical content engineer will work closely with experts in the Web3 landscape, understand the products intimately, and then generate content that is engaging as well as useful to the audience. The Technical Content Engineer earns $115K on average per average.

Developer Relations Manager: A Developer Relations Manager is often called a DevRel Manager. The job of a developer relations manager is to build authentic relationships with developers, generate results, and help them settle in with the community. The manager will need to have a complete knowledge of different development platforms and have good communication skills as well. A Developer Relations Manager will earn up to $113 per year on average.

Head of Marketing: The Head of Marketing will oversee all of the marketing activities for a Web3 organization. They will have a dedicated team working for them and will develop strategies, set new goals, manage the budget, and ensure that the content put out is in compliance with the company’s brand message. The Head of Marketing will also keep an eye on all marketing channels of the company. On average, the Head of Marketing can earn up to $134K per year.

What Skills Are Necessary for A Blockchain Community Management Job?

There are many Crypto community management jobs available, and they may make you feel as if you are the best person for the job. However, before you apply for community management jobs in Web3, there are certain things you need to be aware of. An individual needs to have a few skills that will determine how well they perform as a community manager. 

These are:

  • Basic Technical Knowledge of Web3 and its Niche Markets
  • Social Media Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Keen Eye for Marketing
  • Organizational Community Building Skills

What Is the Typical Salary Range for A Crypto Community Management Job?

Blockchain community management jobs have a decent pay scale. Of course, the salary scale will change along with the experience and the position of the individual. However, on average, the salary of community management jobs ranges from $62K to $134K.

What Kind of Challenges Come with Managing a Web3 Community?

Every industry has its challenges, and a community manager should be aware of them from the get-go. However, as the Web3 community is still growing, the challenges faced by community management career hopefuls are a bit different. Since the industry is so new, there are certain holdups that a community management team will have to overcome.

Some of the most common challenges faced by community management teams include:

  • They often have a hard time growing and building a community of future investors and stakeholders.
  • Outreach can be a little tough as there is still some distrust in the community regarding spam and fraud.
  • Maintaining engagement within the community and gaining momentum can be tough if you are educated enough in the crypto industry. To maintain this, a community management team would have to find ways to keep the members engaged in the progress of the industry.

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