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There is a boom in the NFT job market, and organizations are ready to hire talented individuals who want to excel in their NFT careers. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that have overtaken the world of digital art. Launched in 2014, the NFT market was at its all-time high in 2021 when it was mind-blowingly worth $41 Billion in 2021.

The NFT jobs market is ripe for fresh talent as well as experienced professionals to share their expertise, launch their careers, and expand their blockchain careers even further.

What is an NFT Job?

The NFT field is vast, and professionals from all industries can find their place here. However, crypto NFT jobs are technical, requiring specialized education or experience to thrive. The industry is very accommodating to new talent and remote NFT jobs, which has opened doors for global talent to integrate into the industry at a fast pace.  

Web3 NFT jobs require basic to intermediate knowledge of blockchain technology and industry. Most of the roles available in the NFT jobs require the candidate to be a team player, so it is essential for the individual to be accommodating to the team and very good at communication.

Top NFT Jobs

NFT Jobs can be demanding, but these jobs are considered to be some of the best-paid jobs in the crypto industry. Certain blockchain NFT jobs are in high demand at the moment. These are:

  • NFT Analyst: Data analytics are critical in blockchain, and NFT is no different. An NFT Analyst will thoroughly analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and transaction data to offer a comprehensive insight into the NFT market. The individual will work directly with specialists and help design ecosystems, develop concepts, and build project management roadmaps. An NFT Analyst earns up to 86K in a year.
  • NFT Creator/Artist: An NFT Artist or Creator is a digital artist who creates and develops new NFTs. Art mediums such as books, paintings, music, videos, drawings, literature, or any other art form can be created as an NFT. An NFT Artist will work in collaboration with the marketing and development teams to deliver results according to the set instructions of the clients. On average, an NFT Artist earns a mean annual salary of $76K.
  • NFT Consultant: The NFT Consultant works directly with the clients and acts as a liaison with the team. The consultant works in tandem with the R&D department and Analyst to develop acquisition strategies, assist in marketing development, and develop product pricing. An NFT Consultant studies current market trends and researches the target audience to guide the client as per need. The average salary of an NFT Consultant is $11k per year.
  • NFT Legal Advisor: NFT Legal Advisor is also called an intellectual property attorney. You would have to complete a specialization in non-fungible tokens to be considered eligible for the job. An NFT lawyer will represent clients, creators, and organizations in case their work is shared or copied without their permission. The average per annum salary of an NFT Legal Advisor is $87K.
  • NFT Marketing Specialist: The role of an NFT Marketing Specialist is simple: develop, strategize, and execute marketing strategies that work best for the clients. The marketing specialist will create liaisons with clients, manage social media channels, and collaborate with the design team. Strong communication skills are a must! An NFT Marketing Specialist earns $77K.
  • NFT Developer: Perhaps one of the most in-demand NFT Jobs, NFT Developer requires an in-depth understanding of the NFT landscape. This includes complete command over NFT standards, blockchain technology, web development, API development, cryptography, and more. As for the salary, an NFT Developer earns up to $87K a year.

What Qualifications Do I Need for an NFT Job?

As an NFT job hopeful, you need to have a degree, diploma, or specialization in the relevant field.

What Types of NFT Jobs Are Available?

The NFT job market is always open to new individuals who want to expand their horizons. While the industry needs new and energetic individuals all the time, certain jobs are always in high demand. These are:

  • NFT Analyst
  • NFT Artist or Creator
  • NFT Consultant
  • NFT Legal Advisor
  • NFT Marketing Specialist
  • NFT Developer

How Do I Find NFT Job Openings?

You can easily find NFT job openings at where organizations from all over the world share their active job postings with NFT career hopefuls. 

What is the Average Salary for an NFT Job?

The average salary of NFT jobs depends upon your department and your field of choice. On average, a person working in the NFT industry can earn as little as $11K and as much as $90K per annum. An experienced professional can earn more than that.  

How can I Advance in My NFT Career?

If you are talented and have the drive, you can advance in your NFT career very quickly. Apart from gaining experience in your relevant field, you can get diplomas, complete specializations, and get certifications to further your career and climb the ladder towards a higher pay scale.

What Kind of Career Opportunities Are Available with NFTs?

Working in NFT jobs is a great way to avail yourself of the best opportunities. The blockchain industry is vast and there are ample opportunities for everyone to expand, experience, and enjoy their role. NFT marketspace adopts a hybrid work model so you can explore remote NFT jobs and go one step further.

What Does an NFT Developer Do?

The job of an NFT Developer is very important and requires a lot of patience. The NFT developer needs a complete understanding of blockchain, NFTs, standard procedures for working with NFTs, and so on. Along with that, an NFT developer needs command over web development as well as do justice to the position.

What is the Average Salary for NFT Creators?

An NFT creator earns by creating and developing digital art. It can be design, drawings, videos, music, poems, books, literature, and more. On average, an NFT Artist earns a mean annual salary of $76K.

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