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The Blockchain world is expanding, and with its expansion comes the added responsibilities. More departments are now appearing in Web3 organizations, and experts are taking full advantage of that. Project management has become key for the success of these organizations, and these individuals are giving their all to make the success happen.

Thanks to this go-getter approach, more opportunities are open for new and upcoming talent who can benefit the Web3 industry. To make the new positions more enticing for talented individuals, blockchain companies are offering handsome salaries and benefits that are hard to resist.

There are jobs in the project management department that have attractive salaries and add value to the projects.

What Career Options Are Available in Blockchain Project Management?

Project management jobs can be challenging and fulfilling at the same time. These positions open a world of opportunities for talented individuals who want to go further in their project management careers. There are certain positions that are either always in demand or are needed to make the teams click and increase the quality of the project.

These positions are:

Technical Project Manager: A Technical Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring the teams are following the timeline for a project. The individual will create the budget, set the scope, and develop a realistic timeline for the teams to follow. They will also act as a liaison between teams as well as management. The individual needs to have a go-getter attitude and should be a good leader. The average salary of a Technical Project Manager is $120K a year.

Product Operations Associate: The Product Operations Associate is responsible for the product development process. The individual needs to ensure the teams deliver tasks on time, the processes go smoothly, and the collaborations between teams are a success. On average, a candidate needs to have at least two years of experience to apply for the position. The Product Operations Associate earns $64K on average per annum.

Product Communication Manager: A Product Communication Manager is responsible for maintaining and supervising communication with the teams as well as with the clients. They keep the channel open and ensure that both parties are happy. They also work with the marketing teams and often present press releases or publicity documents to push the company’s image in a better light. The per annum average salary of a Product Community Manager is $89K.  

Client Success Manager: A Client Success Manager or a CSM is the liaison between the clients and the business. They are essential for the retention of clients, inviting new customers to the business, and building long-term relationships with client satisfaction at the forefront. Their critical thinking and interpersonal skills are a great asset for their teams. A Client Success Manager earns $95K per year on average.

Engineering Manager: As the name suggests, an Engineering Manager is responsible for the performance of the whole engineering team. They plan, strategize, execute, and design the projects they are overseeing. On average, an Engineering Manager earns up to $150K or more in a year.  

Web3 Project Manager: The Web3 Project Manager is also referred to as a Web3 Program Manager. They are responsible for the execution, planning, and delivery of all Web3 solutions and projects the organization produces. They coordinate between team members, are proactive with decisions, and are great with time management. A Web3 Project Manager earns $120K per year on average.

What Qualifications Are Required for Project Management Roles in The Blockchain Industry?

There are some qualification requirements that are required to be eligible for remote project management jobs or project management jobs in Web3. These are:

  • Undergraduate Degree in Management
  • Master’s Degree in Project Management
  • Certifications in Relevant Courses
  • Relevant Experience in the Field

What Skills and Experience Make an Ideal Candidate for A Project Management Position in The Blockchain Industry?

Web3 project management jobs have become increasingly important over the years. While there is an influx in the need to fill these positions, no organization will compromise on the skills of their desired individual. If you want to expand your horizons and try to integrate yourself into the Web3 industry, there are certain skills you need to possess.

These skills are:

What Type of Salary Can I Expect to Earn in A Blockchain Project Management Job?

On average, project management jobs have higher compensations as per industry standards. A project management job holder can earn between $64K to $150K.

How Can I Stay Up to Date on The Latest Advancements in Blockchain Project Management?

Staying up to date with the latest news and trends in blockchain project management jobs is very easy. All you have to do is follow blogs, journalists, and industry experts who post about the advancement in the blockchain industry. Linkedin is your first option. You can keep an eye on social media and also attend conferences to add to your information.

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