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As the crypto landscape evolves, the need for unique opportunities grows for hopefuls who want to build a career in the blockchain industry. Business Analysts have always enjoyed a special position in the world of business, and things are not different in the Web3 world.

Business Analysts are among the highly sought-after positions in the world of Web3 right now. They are a great asset to any blockchain company because of their ability to collaborate easily across departments. Maybe this is one of the numerous explanations for the current boom in business analysis positions in the Web3 sector.

What Does a Business Analyst Do?

The job of a Business Analyst is very important. They identify new opportunities, help in the business optimization process, set business goals, and overall improve the decision-making process of the company. The individual in this position will not need any programming knowledge, but it is an added advantage.

The Business Analyst must have strong analytical thinking skills, a critical understanding of business objects, and good communication skills to succeed in this position. The median yearly salary of a Business Analyst in a blockchain company is $98K.

What Are Business Analytics Jobs?

There are certain jobs that crypto companies require. These business analysis jobs are considered to be vital for the success of a company and its projects. Sure, the responsibility attached to these positions is high, but so are the salary packages.

You can easily look for remote business analysis jobs on any crypto job board, and your options will be limitless. Some of the top crypto business analysis jobs are:

Risk Management Analyst: As the name suggests, these are risk management specialists who will determine if a certain business move is risky. They gauge the risks, if the policy or product would benefit the company, and overall try to reduce the negative effects of any business action. A Risk Management Analyst makes $82K on average per year.

Compliance Analyst: The job of a Compliance Analyst is to ensure the company is complying with the laws and regulations set by the industry. This position entails reviewing the teams' policies and procedures, identifying those that need improvement, and putting those changes into practice. A Compliance Analyst earns an average annual salary of $72K.

Crypto Finance Analyst: A Financial Analyst plays a crucial role as a member of the Finance team and collaborates closely with various departments. To make wise investment decisions, a Crypto Finance Analyst needs to be fully informed about blockchain technology and all of its specialized markets. The person's objective is to steer the business or client toward wiser financial choices that will increase profit margins. The average salary for a Crypto Finance Analyst is up to $92K annually.

Marketing Analyst: A Marketing Analyst holds a crucial role in a budding Crypto company as they determine which products and services have the greatest potential for success. In addition to conducting market research, the person will counsel the business on which product to sell, which market to target, how much to charge for the good or service, and other matters. The person will also keep an eye on the competition and consumer behavior. The average Marketing Analyst salary is $63K per year.

Senior Research Analyst: A Senior Research Analyst is responsible for providing information based on solid research. They will look at the data information, validate its accuracy, and ensure the information produced from that data is valuable. The individuals in this position will work with marketing, development, and sales teams. An average Senior Research Analyst makes $105K a year.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Business Analyst?

You need to have a combination of skills and qualifications to excel in Web3 business analysis jobs. If you want to apply for blockchain business analysis jobs, you must have a bachelor’s degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Finance
  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Economics
  • Or Any Related Field

A senior position may require you to have a master’s degree.

What Are the Skills Required to Be a Business Analyst?

There are certain skills that a Business Analyst must have. These are:

  • Strong Grip on System Analysis
  • Understand Software Development Life Cycle
  • Knowledge of Programming Languages such as Python, Solidity, Vyper, and Rust
  • Good at Creating Reports
  • Excellent Critical Thinking Skills
  • Great Interpersonal Skills
  • Exceptional at Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Good at Decision Making
  • Great Time Management Skills
  • Good Negotiation Skills

Is Business Analyst an IT Job?

No, a Business Analyst job is not an IT position unless the individual wants to specialize in the IT industry.

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