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Engineering is the backbone of the blockchain industry. The Web3 and blockchain industry is constantly evolving thanks to the genius minds of these engineers and talented developers. They built a decentralized network from the ground up and allowed a new era of the internet to take birth.

The engineers are at the heart of every process and guide the teams through every step of the way. They build the basic structure of the products or applications so that the rest of the teams can finish the product in a grand way.

What Is Blockchain Engineering?

Blockchain engineering is the process of creating data structures, algorithms, and computer networks. The individuals working in this position will create and execute digital blockchains for an organization’s products and decentralized applications.

A Blockchain engineer needs to have a strong command over coding languages such as Python, Java, C++, and Solidity. There are some organizations that also use Rust, so being proficient in these languages will be a huge added advantage for the individual looking to expand their blockchain engineering career. Cryptography is another skill that a blockchain engineer should have if they want to succeed.

The average per annum salary of a blockchain engineer is $139K.

What Is the Salary of Blockchain Engineer Jobs?

The salaries of blockchain engineering jobs are higher than most, and for good reason. These positions are hard workers; they get down to ground level and build the whole structure up for the other teams to work on. This is one of the main reasons why the blockchain and web3 industry is recognizing the talent of these individuals and investing in them.

That has also been reflected in the performance of the engineers in the blockchain industry. More experienced professionals are turning to the blockchain industry and are now mentoring the next generation of blockchain engineers, too.

There are certain positions that are available in influx at the moment, some of them are among the highest paying jobs. These roles and positions are:

Blockchain Protocol Engineer: Working in a team of engineers, a Blockchain Protocol Engineer works on blockchain architecture. They design and implement P-to-P networks, consensus algorithms, distributed systems, data ingestion APIs, decentralized computing, and more. The individual should have command over programming languages and should be good at engineering products on a large scale. The average yearly salary of a Blockchain Protocol Engineer is $135K.

Software Engineer: A Software Engineer is responsible for developing, designing, maintaining, and testing software solutions and applications. They may create web applications, mobile apps, operating systems, and network systems. They often work in a team of other software engineers to create a sound and strong structure. A Software Engineer earns $139K on average in a year.

Blockchain Developer: The main responsibility of a Blockchain Developer is to develop smart contracts and decentralized applications. The individual should also have sound knowledge of blockchain protocols and architecture. They may also develop 3D designs, content, and models that may then be used in the making of games. The average per annum salary of a Blockchain Developer is $130K.

Frontend Engineer: A Frontend Engineer is responsible for working on the portions of software or applications that will be seen by clients and users. Their main priority is to create a great user experience and give incentives for the users to stay a little longer. A Frontend Engineer earns an average of $135K per year.

Backend Engineer: The Backend Engineer will build, maintain, and design the server side of software or application. Their main responsibility is to build the structure of an application or software. They work with Frontend Engineers to finalize the applications, systems, and software to ensure the product is as per client needs. Per annum, a Backend Engineer earns $145K on average.

Principal Performance Engineer: As the name suggests, a Principal Performance Engineer designs, implements, and identifies the best practices that should be followed to create engineering processes. They are the experts in the field and work with developers to ensure the products produced are perfect. They are leaders and encourage the teams to put in their best efforts. A Principal Performance Engineer earns $226K on average per year.

What Skills Are Needed to Become a Blockchain Engineer?        

Any professional who wants to build a blockchain engineering career needs to develop certain technical skills that are necessary. They cannot progress in their career if they don’t have these skills. These skills are:

  • Learn Programming Languages such as Java, C++, Rust, and Solidity.
  • Learn About Data Structures and Master Them
  • Strengthen Networking and Databases
  • Master Cryptography, Smart Contracts, and DApps
  • Understand Core Blockchain Development and Architecture

What Types of Blockchain Engineering Jobs Are Available?

At the moment, the Blockchain industry is ripe with remote blockchain engineering jobs and onsite blockchain engineering jobs in web3. Currently, the in-demand positions and roles are:

  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Blockchain Protocol Engineer
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Principal Performance Engineer

How Do I Apply for A Blockchain Engineering Job?

You can apply for the latest blockchain engineering jobs at You can see all the available jobs, organizations, and Web3 companies.

What Education Do I Need to Become a Blockchain Engineer?

You should start by getting an undergraduate degree in computer science or information technology. After that, you should complete some certifications to strengthen your Blockchain knowledge.

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