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Web3 companies are expanding their businesses. As blockchain projects expand all over the world, more business opportunities are opened to individuals interested in investing in meta and cryptocurrencies. DeFi and crypto investment firms have made it possible for everyone to claim a stake in the infinite blockchain world where everything is possible.

This has created the need for smart contract development jobs. Given that they provide security for all parties, these contracts are now crucial to the development of blockchain technology.

Top Smart Contract Development Jobs

Jobs in smart contract development are highly sought after in the Web3 industry. The necessity for blockchain smart contract developers is growing along with the expansion of businesses. The compensation for these positions is good, which is why these roles are gaining so much popularity.

The top Smart contract development jobs include:

Smart Contract Developer: As the name suggests, a Smart Contract Developer specializes in maintaining, deploying, and creating smart contracts for clients or a company. Understanding of programming languages is required of the developers filling this role. An average smart contract developer makes $138K a year.

Solidity Developer: A specialized position, the Solidity Developer is responsible for creating smart contracts on Ethereum-based applications. In addition to this, their duties also include auditing them. Per annum, a Solidity Developer earns an average salary of $167K.

Smart Contract Auditor: As the name suggests, a Smart Contract Auditor conducts a detailed analysis of the contract’s code to identify incorrect code or security issues. The individual then resolves the problems. On average, the per annum salary of a Smart Contract Auditor is $105K.

Blockchain Engineer: Known as the jack of all trades of Web3, a Blockchain Engineer is responsible for the development, design, operation, analysis, support, and implementation of blockchain networks created by the company. A blockchain engineer typically makes $147K annually.  

Smart Contract Security Specialist: Different from an auditor, a Smart Contract Security Specialist ensures that the design and development of the smart contract is foolproof. They set the practices and principles for the developers to follow when creating smart contracts. The average annual income of a Smart Contract Security Specialist is $93K.

DevOps Manager: The DevOps Manager is responsible for overseeing the development teams in a company or a project. An average DevOps manager makes $138K per year.

How Do I Become A Smart Contract Expert?

In order to become a smart contract expert, you will need to have the following skills:

  • Understanding of Blockchain Technology
  • Understanding of Cryptocurrency Protocols
  • Knowledge of Basic Programming Languages
  • Master Solidity and Ethereum
  • Expertise in DeFi

Can I Become a Smart Contract Developer?

You certainly can. If you have the talent and drive to learn new programming languages, you will be successful as a smart contracts developer. You must be detail-oriented and interested in Web3 services, such DeFi.

What Is The Salary Of Smart Contract Developer?

An average smart contract developer makes $138K a year. A more seasoned worker, however, may make up to $194K annually.

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