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Smart Contract Audit has become an integral part of a blockchain company. The remote smart contract audit jobs have almost allowed tech individuals all over the world to become part of this revolution. The salary for the experienced and exceptional is great! Not to mention, the perks for these individuals are also incredible.

As a result, an increasing number of people feel safe doing business and earning money online. 

How Much Does a Smart Contract Auditor Earn?

With the way the blockchain industry is evolving, companies are producing more smart contracts. This has increased the need for smart contract audits to stay on top of everything. They provide a detailed analysis of the smart contract’s code to look for errors or security issues.

They also strategize ways to resolve those issues without delaying the project. The position of smart contract audit jobs in web3 is very important in the whole blockchain structure and how projects are successfully completed. The average annual salary of a Smart Contract Auditor is $89K. 

Top Smart Contract Audit Jobs

There are many other important positions in a Blockchain company apart from the position of a Smart Contract Auditor. These are all high-paying positions that are in huge demand these days. These top crypto jobs are: 

Smart Contract Security Specialist: The responsibility of a Smart Contract Security Specialist revolves around ensuring that the smart contract design is foolproof. They will examine, detect, and rectify any issues that may arise during the testing process. The specialist will also set the protocols for all developers and engineers to follow when they are creating smart contracts. The average per annum salary of a Smart Contract Security Specialist is $94K.

Blockchain Developer: A Blockchain Developer takes care of core development processes for a blockchain firm. The individual will be responsible for developing and maintaining systems, software, and dApps to ensure they work effectively and efficiently. They must understand blockchain protocol and architectures completely. The Blockchain Developer will earn a median salary of $105K in a year.

Smart Contract Developer: As the name suggests, a Smart Contract Developer creates, maintains, and deploys smart contracts between two parties. A thorough understanding of programming languages like Vyper, Solidity, and Yul is required for this role. They ought to be proficient with the Ethereum platform as well. A smart contract developer typically makes $125K a year.

Solidity Engineer: A Solidity Engineer is an expert in Solidity programming language. The person in this position will need to be exceptional at Solidity development. They must be great at creating reusable codes that are easy to use and execute. They must also ensure that the code has blockchain technology integrated into it seamlessly. Per annum, the average salary of a Solidity Engineer is $162K.

DevOps Manager: The DevOps Manager will oversee the development team. They will be in charge of managing the integration, deployment, and execution of every solution the team develops. In addition, the manager will be actively involved in the testing, upkeep, and analysis of newly written code. The average yearly compensation for a DevOps manager is $138K.

How Do I Become a Smart Contract Auditor?

You must begin by earning a degree in engineering, computer science, or a related field. Following that, you should obtain a Smart Contracts certification and study all of the requirements for becoming a Smart Contract Auditor.

Are Smart Contract Auditors in Demand?

The demand for Smart Contract Auditors is increasing with every passing day. This is why many job portals have hundreds of blockchain smart contract audit jobs posted every day with good salaries.

What Are the Types of Smart Contract Audits?

There are four types of audits that a Smart Contract Auditor or a Smart Contract Security Specialist will conduct before the smart contract is deployed. These are:

  • Security Audit
  • Functional Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Code Review

All four of them are essential for the successful execution of the smart contract.

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