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Now that there is increased interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the Web3 world is developing quickly. Although the Web2 ecosystem as a whole has improved in recent years, the blockchain sector has experienced the greatest progress.

With more talent pouring in from different segments of industries, the blockchain industry is rapidly evolving into a tech giant that is revolutionizing the internet. Of course, with the changes it is bringing to the internet, the need for better online security is imminent.

There has been an increase in the demand for blockchain security architecture jobs in the past few years. These multitalented individuals make the already secure blockchain technology foolproof. It is their job to make the websites, applications, software, products, and services on the blockchain more secure.

What Is the Job of a Blockchain Security Architect?

A Blockchain Security Architect is a multitalented individual with a diverse skill set. However, their main focus is on building and designing scalable, robust, and secure blockchain solutions for the company or clients. They specialize in network security as well as consensus mechanisms, among other skills. It is their job to take the already secure features of blockchain technology and amplify them tenfold to make it even more secure for the users.

On average, the annual income of a Blockchain Security Architect is $128,756, but it is subjective to change as per the experience and skills of the architect.

Top Blockchain Security Architecture Jobs

Apart from the position of a Blockchain Security Architecture, the department needs some other specialists to ensure the security of the system and network. Much like everything else on the internet, every structure and application needs to be protected from malicious attacks. The blockchain security architecture jobs ensure that the applications and systems under them never have to come across such attacks.

The following are some potential job paths for blockchain security architecture, should you possess the necessary aptitude for it.

Security Analyst: The job of a Security Analyst includes evaluating the security of systems and recommending security protocols or measures to the relevant department. The candidate will perform security audits, train colleagues, and more. The average salary of a security analyst is $107,334 per year.

Blockchain Security Engineer: As the name suggests, a Blockchain Security Engineer conducts audits of smart contracts as well as blockchain networks for security breaches. They are also in charge of doing a codebase analysis and finding any potential security holes. The average yearly compensation for a blockchain security engineer is $132,962K.

Cloud Security Analyst: An important position in the department, a Cloud Security Analyst will research and identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in cloud environments. To produce accurate research data, the person in this role will collaborate closely with the customer and the product team. An analyst of cloud security makes, on average, $107,334 a year.

Cloud Security Engineer: A Cloud Security Engineer is responsible for creating and maintaining security measures for a company's cloud activities. They are directly in charge of developing security protocols for a blockchain company's cloud infrastructure and network. The average yearly compensation for a cloud security engineer is $152,773.

Cloud Security Manager: As the name suggests, the Cloud Security Manager will be overseeing the company's security team. The ideal security measures will be technically known to the candidate, who will also establish team security guidelines. The average annual salary of a Cloud Security Manager is $130,166.

How Much Does a Blockchain Security Architect Make?

On average, the annual income of a Blockchain Security Architect is $128,756, but it is subjective to change as per the experience and skills of the architect.

How Do I Become a Blockchain Security Engineer?

In order to become a blockchain security engineer or secure any remote blockchain security architecture jobs, you must do the following.

  • Understanding the blockchain industry as well as blockchain technology.
  • Develop programming language skills and build your expertise in blockchain libraries such as web3.js and ethers.js.
  • Build your expertise in smart contract development and audit.
  • Certify your blockchain development, security, and architecture skills.
  • Practice your skills in a professional environment.

Is Blockchain Security Architect a High-Paying Job?

On average, the annual income of a Blockchain Security Architect is $128,756, but it is subjective to change as per the experience and skills of the architect.

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