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The blockchain industry is a rapidly expanding field that is sweeping the globe. Every few days, a new blockchain startup appears, and these businesses have enormous influence. More and more technical professionals are switching industries to reap the advantages Web3 companies have to offer.

A world of opportunities is open for individuals who want to make a fresh start in the blockchain industry and attach their name to the revolution. The future of the Web3 industry is bright, and hard-working individuals would get to experience it first-hand.

UX/UI designing jobs have a great scope in the crypto industry. Blockchain companies need UI and UX designers for various projects that include but are not limited to:

  • Crypto wallets
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Payment solutions
  • Decentralized applications
  • Blockchain games

Needless to say, these are some of the highest-paying positions in the crypto industry.

Top UI/UX Designing Jobs

The UX/UI designing jobs are not complicated, but they do require the candidate to have an eye for design and detail. The UX/UI designing career hopefuls must perfect their skills because those quintessential skills are vital for the success of projects in a crypto company.

The salary scale for these services is higher than your typical development company, and hence, there are higher expectations attached to crypto UX/UI designing jobs. Some of the highest-paying UX/UI designing jobs are:

UI Designer: An individual who creates the visuals that users will see while navigating a website, application, software, or system is known as a User Interface Designer (UI Designer). Everything that users will view or interact with will be designed by them. Because businesses want to give their customers the best possible user experience, this is a crucial role. $106K is the average yearly salary for a UI Designer.

UX Designer: Any software, system, application, or website starts with a UX Designer. Making websites, services, applications, or technology user-friendly and enjoyable for clients is the candidate's job responsibility. They act as an intermediary between developers and users. The median annual salary for a UX designer is $115K on average.

Front-end Developer: The Front-end Developer oversees the portions of a program, application, or website that users will view. The front-end developer expedites development, enhances user experience, manages functionality, and creates the interface. A front-end developer should be fluent in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, among other programming languages. The yearly salary of a front-end developer is $120,000 on average.

Blockchain Developer: Creating decentralized apps and smart contracts are the primary duties of a Blockchain Developer. The individual also needs to be knowledgeable about the blockchain's protocols and architecture. Additionally, they will be required to produce 3D artwork, designs, and models that could be used to make blockchain-based video games. A blockchain developer typically makes $130,000 per year.

Motions Graphic Designer: A Motion Graphic Designer is someone who creates motion graphics for a business. They are entirely different from graphic designers. The person filling this role will collaborate with both the content and marketing departments. This role requires a creative mind and the ability to produce motion graphics from straightforward instructions. A Motion Graphic Designer typically makes $88K per year.

What Work Does UI UX Designer Do?          

A UI designer's and a UX designer's jobs are entirely different. Usually, they work in tandem with engineers and product managers to generate design concepts that align with the preferences of the clients. These individuals participate in all phases of the design process of a website, system, and application. The UI designer and the UX designer are both exceptionally skilled in user research, prototyping, wireframing, usability testing, and ideation.

Is UI UX Design High Paying?

Yes, UI and UX designers are among the highest-paying positions in a blockchain company. A UI designer with plenty of experience can earn up to $159K, while a highly experienced UX designer can earn up to $172K.

What Is the Salary Package of UI UX?

While the average yearly salary for a UI Designer is $106K, the median annual salary for a UX Designer is $115K.

Is UI And UX In Demand?

There are high expectations attached to UX/UI designing jobs. In fact, I just expected that in the coming years, there would be highly sought-after positions in game blockchain companies. The demand for intuitive and user-friendly digital products is increasing, which is what makes UI and UX designers a much-needed asset.

Does UX Require Coding?

As a UX designer, you do not need to learn coding to do your job. However, if you do learn coding, it will help you to understand developers, and that will help you in your job in the long run.

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