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Blockchain architecture is one of the most important aspects of blockchain technology. Just like the architecture of a house defines spaces within the structure, blockchain architecture explains and defines the structure of blockchain technology.

It offers more security to the users, protects data in seal-tight, dedicated blocks, and allows the users more freedom. The future of the internet is changing, and it is all thanks to this ingenious technology. It has opened the door for more jobs and better opportunities for Blockchain architects and related professions.

What Is the Expected Salary Range for A Blockchain Architect?

One of the main positions in a blockchain company, a blockchain architect, acts as the driving force of the whole team. The individual develops and designs the structure of a peer-to-peer network that will be used as a backend server for all applications and systems used in the project.

The individual will also design, develop, and create solutions for their clients as well as organizations. They also need to have complete knowledge of blockchain aspects as they will be responsible for laying the foundation for each of those functions.

The median salary of a blockchain architect is $131K per year.

What Is the Salary Range for Blockchain Architecture Jobs?

Blockchain architecture jobs are in high demand and often have good compensation attached to them. There are many blockchain job opportunities for junior resources, and they do get proper mentoring so that they can climb the ladder to reach higher positions.

The most lucrative blockchain architecture jobs are:

Blockchain Protocol Engineer: A Blockchain Protocol Engineer works on the core blockchain technologies. The individual will implement and design a peer-to-peer network to take care of consensus algorithms and decentralized computing. They make a blockchain framework strong and secure. The average yearly salary of a Blockchain Protocol Engineer is $111K.

Salesforce Technical Architect: The Salesforce Technical Architect is the leader of architects and an advisor to the partners, clients, and stakeholders of the organization. The individual will be involved in creating solutions for the business issues, offering a design vision, and guiding the team with best practices to complete projects on time. A Salesforce technical Architect earns $148K per year on average.

Senior Blockchain Engineer: The job of the Senior Blockchain Engineer requires a lot of attention to detail and skills. The individual needs to be well-versed in blockchain technologies. They will need to maintain, develop, and design blockchain systems, create smart contracts when needed, and overall work as team players. The per annum average salary of a Senior Blockchain Engineer is $149K.

Solutions Architect: Much different from the other positions in the team, a Solutions Architect acts as the liaison between the company and the clients. The individual is responsible for strategizing, implementing projects, delivering refinements, design sessions, and overall keeping the ship sailing. These are senior professionals with at least eight years of experience working as an IT professional. A Solutions Architect earns up to $140K or more on average in a year.

Enterprise Architect: Another IT professional who plays a vital role in the progress of the projects, an Enterprise Architect ensures that the goals of the team fall in line with the strategy decided by the senior team leaders. The individual ensures that the teams have the right tools and equipment at their disposal to generate the results required by them. An Enterprise Architect earns $142K per year on average.

Systems Architect: As the name suggests, a Systems Architect will maintain, configure, operate, and plan the computer systems as well as networks. They ensure that the teams remain productive, plan the budget, and more. On average, a Systems Architect earns $173K per year.

What Skills Are Required to Work in Blockchain Architecture?

There are certain skills that an individual needs to build if they want to succeed in their Blockchain architecture jobs. These skills will directly affect their performance, progress, and future in the industry. Some of these important skills are:

  • Have Good Understanding of How Data Structures Work
  • Complete Knowledge of Ecosystems and Standards
  • Good Knowledge of Blockchain Implementation, Strategies, and Development
  • Proficient in Cryptography
  • Excellent in Front and Back End Web Development
  • Master Industry Specific Different Programming Languages

What Types of Jobs Are Available in Blockchain Architecture?

The blockchain architecture jobs are limited to a specific category of experts. While the options are not vast, the compensation for these highly technical positions is worth it. These positions are very important for the success of a project and a Web3 company in generate. The below-mentioned roles are also available as remote blockchain architecture jobs.  These are:

  • Blockchain Architect
  • Blockchain Protocol Architect     
  • Salesforce Technical Architect
  • Senior Blockchain Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Systems Architect

How Can I Find a Job in Blockchain Architecture?

If you want to find good blockchain architecture jobs with good salaries, you should check It is one of the fastest-growing platforms for blockchain and crypto professionals who want to find new opportunities that pay well.

Are There Any Certifications That Can Help Me Find a Job in Blockchain Architecture?

The blockchain architecture jobs career hopefuls should always strive to increase their knowledge. The blockchain industry is still evolving, and things are changing rapidly. Certifications will act as your ticket to success in such an environment.

If you are interested, the below-mentioned certifications will help you out.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA)
  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)
  • Certified Blockchain Security Professional (CBSP)
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

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