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The blockchain industry has the cream of the crop of designers from all over the world. As the industry expands, more individuals with a creative outlook are shifting gears and becoming a part of the new era of the internet, where everything is controlled and maintained by its community rather than just a few corporations.

Designers have a bright future in the blockchain and web3 industries. Big corporations and new entities have positions vacant that need to be filled with the latest talent. A whole world of opportunities is waiting for them to explore and find a job that works best for them.

What Types of Web3 Design Jobs are Available?

The typical crypto design jobs entail having an understanding and command over designing concepts to work on decentralized applications. It is imperative that the designer is highly skilled and qualified for the job because the success of the project relies heavily on them. 

While you will get access to remote design jobs, the candidate is expected to have great communication skills. From developing logos to designing gaming graphics, a designer’s role is never limited.

These are some design jobs that are always in demand and are often called the highest-paying positions in the industry.

Product Designer: Product Designers are a part of the big picture. This is an all-encompassing role where the designer makes web materials as well as prototypes of a new product that will then be made into reality. A designer works with the marketing and R&D team. The designer will also work on websites and applications. A Product Designer earns up to 110K per year on average. 

UI Designer: A UI Designer’s responsibility is to create a positive experience for the users. What a UI Designer creates becomes a user’s visual experience. Users then interact with the product based on what the UI designer made. From navigation to creating visual elements, a UI Designer will carry the final product to its fruition. The average yearly salary of a UI Designer is $107K.

UX Designer: Separate from UI designers, a UX Designer optimizes the interactions between the product and the users. The individual will work on mobile apps, websites, software, and more. They work in tandem with the design team, UI designer, and marketing team. Per annum, a UX Designer earns an average salary of $75K. 

Visual Designer: A Visual Designer creates designs for digital products. They create designs for games, videos, websites, and more. Completely different from a UI Designer, the Visual Designer will collaborate with development and marketing teams to create the design for an organization’s digital interface. These individuals create the blueprint for design teams and design mockups for digital assets. Have an understanding of how UI design works. On average, a Visual Designer earns up to 70K or more.

Motion Graphics Artist: One of the most in-demand web3 design jobs at the moment, a Motion Graphics Artist generates animated graphics for videos, gifs, games, and movies. They generally work as part of the creative teams to generate product videos and such. The graphics artist will need to generate 2D and 3D formats (and add sound when it is needed). A Motion Graphic Artist earns up to $77K or more in a year.

NFT Designer: An NFT Designer or Artist is a person who creates digital art with the intention of selling it as an NFT. Usually, blockchain design jobs of this nature can be remote; however, most organizations prefer to have their NFT Designer available to the team at all times. The NFT Designer will work with the marketing and design teams to generate digital art. An NFT Designer earns an annual salary of 76K or more in a year.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Apply for Crypto Design Jobs?

Various design careers have different qualification expectations for the candidates. If you want to have a job as a crypto designer, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in designing, motion graphics, digital illustrations, 3D design, web development, or more. Having a master’s degree and relevant experience will fetch you a nice salary.

How Do I Create a Portfolio to Showcase My Blockchain Design Skills?

Your portfolio will be the first thing a potential employer will see, and judge your skills based on that. There are certain ways through which you can make your portfolio stand out and ensure your blockchain design skills stand out.

Structure It Right

Your portfolio needs to have a structure for it to grab the attention of your employers. Your portfolio needs to tell a story with the target audience in mind, in this case, your target audience is blockchain professionals. The layout of the portfolio should reflect your design sense.

Things to Add to Your Portfolio

There are some things that you should add to your portfolio. These are:

  • Add your best work to the portfolio but be selective about it.
  • Add a few pieces that didn’t work, explain why that didn’t work for you or the client, and share how you fixed it.
  • If you have any soft skills, try to add them to your portfolio too.
  • If you have worked with micro animations or similar products, mention that as well.

What Is the Expected Salary Range for A Crypto Design Job?

The expected salary of a crypto design job changes with the position. The higher position will have a higher salary, but the average salary of a crypto design job is more attractive than most positions in other industries and segments. On average, a crypto designer makes $70K or more.

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