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Several recruiters and hiring companies would agree technical sourcing is one of the biggest challenges in the Web3 industry. With hundreds to thousands of applications for a single role, how do you choose the ideal candidate?

The toughest task for recruiters is sourcing a technical workforce, and the difficulty level is only increasing. Despite the massive layoffs in recent years, hiring the correct staff has become quite a hassle. Finding the right candidate for technical sourcing jobs is the answer to all of these troubles. These individuals are nothing short of magicians when it comes to finding the right candidate for any position, technical or otherwise.

Technical sourcing is not just about selecting a candidate who can work their way through Microsoft Word and Photoshop. Multiple qualities are necessary to become the right fit at any organization, especially now, when most of them rely on technical software.  

The good news is that 54% of the current developers are now open to new opportunities, based on research conducted by Stack Overflow research. This is exactly where technical sourcing strategies come into the picture, assisting the conversion of passive candidates into active ones.

What is Technical Sourcing?

Is ‘sourcing’ all about calling and interviewing potential candidates? Or is it an umbrella term covering multiple arrays? In the crypto world, technical talent sourcing has three key components: consensus mechanism, distributed ledger, and smart contracts.

Crypto technical sourcing jobs differ from regular recruitment in a considerable number of ways. The foremost difference is that while standard recruitment is mostly reactive, technical sourcing involves closely screening and evaluating a candidate’s application for a particular position before the final interview is conducted.

The technical sourcer also searches for suitable candidates proactively, ensuring the ideal candidates are put forward for the position. Technical sourcing can be compared to marketing efforts, whereas recruitment is similar to sales pipeline.

Top Technical Sourcing Jobs

Technical sourcing jobs can be a little tricky to fill as these are very important positions, and only the best candidates must be hired for these positions. Remote technical sourcing jobs and Web3 technical sourcing jobs are available in abundance at the moment as the Web3 industry is on the rise at the moment. As most companies are in their development stage, they want to have the best candidates in every position, which is why they need the help of dedicated technical sourcing career individuals to take charge of their hiring processes. 

Here are some technical sourcing jobs that you should consider if this is your forte.

  • Technical Recruiter: A part of the human resource management team, a technical recruiter is responsible for finding candidates for technical positions such as engineers, architects, developers, designers, and more. They are specialized recruiters who take a personalized approach to finding, recruiting, and then hiring talented candidates for the company or client. The average salary of a technical recruiter is between $69,588 and $117,500 in a year.
  • Human Resource Manager: As the name suggests, a human resource manager is an individual who develops and implements hiring strategies for a company. The individual in this position would also keep an eye on the salary, hiring, training, performance management, and retention management for the company or client. On average, a human resource manager earns a salary between $86,139 and $129,500 in a year.
  • Technical Sourcer: A technical sourcer plays a vital role in finding the perfect fit for every technical position in a company. The candidate employs various techniques, tools, and strategies to find potential candidates for technical positions. The average annual salary of a technical sourcer is between $77,554 and $138,500.
  • Talent Acquisition Manager: The talent acquisition manager is the human resource department of a company. They find top candidates for any position, fill the vacancies, and retain the top talent. The individual in this position should possess strong interpersonal and networking skills. The average yearly salary of a talent acquisition manager is between $87,623 and $139,000.

Why is Proactive Technical Sourcing Important?

Proactive technical souring will always put you one step forward. Here are a few benefits of proactive sourcing:

Ready-Set Pool of Remarkable Talent

When do major problems arise? When you least expect them! What is a better solution than having a team of efficient professionals ready to back you up? Proactive technical sourcing will ensure you have a pool of certified individuals who can handle a wide variety of problems at any given time.

Proactive candidate sourcing will also allow you access to the industry’s top talent and improve the quality of your hires. The passionate, engaged individuals will be the crème de la crème, ensuring you are always at the top.

Lower Hiring Costs

A great advantage of technical sourcing is lower hiring costs. With a team that is entirely dedicated to refining and sourcing the most efficient candidates, your organization will not have to spend excessive money on hiring expensive workers or conducting hiring cycles repeatedly.

Finding the most appropriate candidate the first time around will result in less time wastage and reduced costs as a pre-qualified team will already be all set. In the long run, such practices will result in less advertisement, reduced interview and hire burden on employees, less use of staffing agencies for interviews, and greater efficiency of hired employees.

Adding to the Diversity

Technical sourcing is another way to foster diversity within your organization. When a technical sourcer takes the time to evaluate each candidate instead of just rushing to hire, often relying on referrals minimally based on inclusion qualities, they are more likely to consider details other than a professional career.

When a technical sourcer takes time to search for the right fit, along with the candidate’s professional qualities, you can focus on their background and how they can add to the company’s diversity and non-national employees’ percentage.

Better Rapport with Brands and Partners

All brands love a hired, set team of professionals ready to accomplish any given goal. Your organization partners and brands will be highly impressed by your professionalism and dedication to excel when you always have a list of potential candidates for important positions.

Keep your partners or seniors in the loop regarding the potential hires via effecting messaging or email. This will improve the brands’ trust in your organization, perceiving you as responsible and reliable.

3 Keys to Mastering the Art of Technical Sourcing

Succeeding at technical sourcing requires a number of skills. Here are the three keys to mastering the art of technical sourcing:

Overcoming Challenges

To excel in any field or skill, you must learn to deal with challenges. Make sure you are fully updated about the digital developments relevant to your niche, what employers and employees expect, what your budget and resources are, and who to contact regarding issues in different sectors within the organization.

Once you have the answers to all these questions, be sure to utilize them at the right time to overcome any unexpected hurdles.

Utilizing Strategies

Identify your target pool; know what type of candidates are needed to fulfill a certain position. Furthermore, look into the soft and hard skills the candidates must possess to land the position.

Additionally, make use of social media, work-related websites, such as LinkedIn, and other professional networks to fully put your company out there. When hiring, make sure your advertisement reaches the right candidates by posting on all relevant platforms to hire top-notch individuals.

Leveraging Technology and Tools

What is the use of the latest, smart technologies if they cannot be put into use for something as essential as recruitment? Consider using all the available tools and smart technologies to optimize the technical souring process.

You can use the applicant tracking system (ATS system), allowing you to store, filter, and tag candidates. Alternatively, utilize the Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software. In addition to what ATS allows, CRM aids technical recruiters in strengthening ties with candidates.

The most advanced is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. As the number of advancements increases each day, using AI is a wise decision. The current AI innovations include job and candidate matching, analytics, decision-making, and more.

The most apparent advantage AI offers is the automation of repetitive and trivial tasks, like resume-parsing, looking for fit candidates, and job board posting. You can save significant time by leaving the monotonous, time-consuming tasks to AI apps, such as Turing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a technical sourcer?

A technical source’s responsibilities include finding, interviewing, and recruiting the appropriate candidates for an establishment. They utilize a myriad of tools and techniques to hire the ideal candidates, such as social media, online search engines, newspapers, and other professional networks.

What is the job description of Technical sourcing?

A technical sourcer, also known as a talent sourcer, is responsible for sourcing and recruiting candidates for technical and specialized job positions. The technical sourcers form a significant part of the HR team, working towards finding the right fit for each position.  

Is a technical sourcer a recruiter?

A technical sourcer is a special recruiting professional who handles the hiring of top technical candidates for designated positions in an organization.

How much does a technical sourcer make?

A technical sourcer typically makes $75,817, averaging about $65,376 annually. However, please note that the salary is highly dependent on the country and the active role of the candidate within the organization.

How do you become a technical sourcer?

While several professional roles primarily require a professional degree, becoming a technical sourcer requires more. Along with a 4-years bachelor's degree, a technical source must have remarkable interpersonal skills as well as a keen eye for talent. A technical sourcer must pay attention to various technical roles and their nuances, understand their organization’s core theme, and hire potential candidates accordingly.

Is sourcing a technical skill?

Technical sourcer is a broad term covering several roles. Becoming a technical sourcer requires high adaptability to changing environments, talent for forming different strategies in favorable and unfavorable circumstances, recruiting appropriate management, and comprehending HR analytics. Moreover, data-based decision-making, efficiency in sourcing tools, and proficiency in understanding technical roles are additional skills that a technical sourcer must excel in.

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