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Product security engineering jobs are becoming vital for blockchain and crypto companies. As the Web3 world grows and more people invest in cryptocurrencies and DeFi, organizations bear massive responsibilities to ensure that these assets remain secure and intact.

Everything is subject to data breaches and malware in this day and age of digitization. While the inherent nature of blockchain is secure, product security engineering jobs make the products, services, and systems foolproof. These jobs and positions have a huge role to play in order to make these systems as secure as they are.

What Does a Product Security Engineer Do?

A Product Security Engineer is a vital member of the security engineering team of a blockchain company. These individuals are responsible for designing and delivering resilient, safe, and secure services and products. They will also implement breach detection systems, install firewalls, and look for solutions for security-related issues. A blockchain company's product security engineer will also test security systems, identify threats, and conduct assessments to ensure everything is working smoothly.

A product security engineer earns an average annual salary of $144,072.

Top Product Security Engineering Jobs

Apart from the product security engineer, the department features plenty of other professionals who will dedicate their workday to ensuring the security of the data and products for the company and clients. These positions play a vital role in ensuring the security of the systems as well as the applications that the customers use.

If you are interested in curating a product security engineering career, then given below are some of your options.

Blockchain Security Engineer: As the name suggests, a Blockchain Security Engineer conducts audits of smart contracts as well as blockchain networks for security breaches. They are also in charge of doing a codebase analysis and finding any potential security holes. The average yearly compensation for a blockchain security engineer is $132,962K.

Application Security Engineer: The job of an Application Security Engineer revolves around securing applications and regularly checking for potential threats. This individual will find vulnerabilities and perform security assessments. They will collaborate with a development team to ensure that the applications are constantly secure. An application security engineer's annual compensation is $138,117 on average.

Infrastructure Security Engineer: An integral part of the security department, the Infrastructure Security Engineer is responsible for mitigating and identifying security issues. In a calendar year, the average income for an infrastructure security engineer is $142,133.

Security Compliance Officer: The Security Compliance Officer is responsible for developing and overseeing the security policies and procedures of an organization. They make certain that the company meets all security requirements. A security compliance officer gets an annual salary of $98,949.

IT Security Manager: The IT Security Manager is responsible for developing security systems. They are the authorities on cybersecurity defense, recovery, detection, and reaction. An IT security manager earns $136,104 per year on average.

What Is the Salary of a Product Security Engineer?

A product security engineer earns an average annual salary of $144,072.

Is A Product Security Engineer a Good Career?

Blockchain product security engineering jobs are on the rise as companies are in need of responsible individuals who will secure their software products, applications, operating systems, and more.

How Do I Become a Product Security Engineer?

In order to become a product security engineer, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer science, or a related field.
  • Build proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, PowerShell, and Bash.
  • Get certifications to boost your resume and add to your skills.
  • Build your skill bank by applying to entry-level jobs and work your way up.

Are Product Security Engineers in Demand?

Product security engineers are in great demand since they are in responsible of securing operating systems, software, and the underlying infrastructure from potential threats.

Do Product Security Engineers Need Coding?

Yes, product security engineers need to learn coding and programming languages to secure systems and do their job.

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