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Quality Assurance is important for any business that wants to thrive. Blockchain companies hire multiple quality assurance experts to make their production process and turnaround time much faster. Any business that develops software, operating systems, or applications will need to have experienced quality assurance experts in their team.

At the moment, Web3 companies are offering QA development jobs to the best talent of the blockchain world. They want to strengthen their ranks and increase their quality input. This is the right opportunity for everyone who wants to build their QA development career.

What Is the Salary Range for Crypto QA Developer Jobs?

The salaries for quality assurance developers and engineers working in the crypto industry are better than their counterparts in other industries. This is because blockchain and crypto industries are trying to grow. And as these industries grow, the careers of these professionals will grow along with it.

These are the highest-paying positions that are being offered by crypto or Web3 companies at the moment.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer: An SQA Engineer or a Software Quality Assurance Engineer develops software testing strategies that will be implemented to check the quality of a software or application. They create procedures and come up with scenarios and test plans for the team. They find bugs, report defects, and overall ensure that the quality of the end result is in line with the client’s requirements. The average yearly salary of a Software Quality Assurance Engineer is $103K.

Head of Quality Assurance: As the name suggests, the Head of Quality Assurance will be leading the quality assurance team in their day-to-day tasks and monthly goals. The candidate must possess great communication skills and should be skilled at testing automation. The Head of Quality Assurance earns up to $131K in a year on average.

Customer Care Manager: The Customer Care Manager leads a team of customer service agents. The individual is responsible for motivating the team, strategizing plans to increase customer satisfaction, developing loyalty programs, and offering solutions to the clients. They need to have problem-solving skills, should have a customer-focused personality, and must have great analytical skills. On average, a Customer Care Manager earns $56K in a year.

Quality Assurance Analyst: Different from Quality Assurance Engineers, a Quality Assurance Analyst will be responsible for conducting tests on websites, software, or applications. They find defects, bugs, or any other issue before reporting it to the development teams. The QA Analysts often pick a specialization in their careers and then excel in it. The per annum average salary of a Quality Assurance Analyst is $78K in a year.

Quality Assurance Game Tester: Much like any other Web3 product, blockchain games need to be tested before they can be released to the public. The Quality Assurance Game Tester ensures that the final result is free from bugs before it is released. The individual will work with a team of testers who will explore as many play variations as they can to ensure the standard of quality is the same throughout the game. The yearly average salary of a Quality Assurance Game Tester is $72K.

What Qualifications Are Required for a QA Development Job?

Any individual who is looking for QA development jobs should have a solid educational background. Before you can apply for blockchain QA development jobs, you need to have the right education. Here are the requirements:

  • Undergraduate Degree in Engineering or Computer Science
  • Get Certification in a Relevant Field
  • Learn Industry-Standard Languages Such as Java, C++, Solidity, Python and Rust

What Experience Is Required for a Web3 QA Developer Job?

Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply for the QA position in a Web3 company. However, everyone needs to have at least two years of experience if they want to rise above the ranks.

What Is the Job Description for A QA Developer?

The remote QA Development jobs or crypto QA development jobs require the hired individual to monitor each phase of the application or software development. They will test and debug the design and the development process before the project delivery date. They finalize the product and ensure quality before it is made public.

What Skills Does a Web3 QA Developer Need to Possess?

There are certain skills that a QA Developer needs to possess before they can apply for any blockchain QA development jobs. These skills are:

  • Sound Knowledge of the Blockchain Industry
  • Must-Have Excellent Communication Skills
  • Should Have Sound Critical Thinking
  • Should Be Disciplined and Flexible with Working Under Pressure
  • Must-Have Problem-Solving Approach
  • Should Have Knowledge of Coding
  • Must Be Great at Time Management
  • Should Have Analytical Thinking

What Technologies Are Used in Blockchain QA Development Jobs?

Seasoned QA Developers use the following technologies and tools when they are testing various products and software.

  • DevOps
  • Agile
  • QAOPs
  • AI Tools
  • Perfecto
  • TestGrid
  • testRigor
  • Virtuoso
  • Zap Test
  • TestCraft

Are There Any Certifications That Are Helpful for QA Development Jobs?

There are many certifications that a QA Developer can apply for to increase their repertoire. These certifications are:

  • Agile Tester Certification
  • Certified Associate in Software Testing
  • Certified Software Quality Analyst
  • Advanced Tester Certification
  • Certified Tester Foundation Level
  • International Software Testing Qualification Board Tester
  • Certified Test Engineer
  • Certified Software Quality Analyst

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