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More and more Blockchain organizations are expanding their businesses. As the need for more access is increasing, organizations are expanding their business and opening new departments. The operations department is the backbone of any company, and crypto companies with fully functioning operations departments have better business opportunities and increased clientele.

Operations jobs are necessary for the growth of a company. Operations jobs can be all about the internal departments of a company, or they can be about client management. Regardless of the nature of your operations job, a position in the operations department can lead to better growth and increased chances of an improved salary.

What Is an Operations Job?

Typically, an operations job requires the individual to keep an eye on how various departments work, how they interact, how customers are being dealt with, and how information is being shared. However, various roles and positions can be different from the quintessential job description of operations jobs.

The Crypto operations jobs are a little tricky due to the nature of the industry and how new it is still. Since the industry is still evolving, having a dedicated operations team works wonders for a Web3 company. Organizations have various operations jobs in Web3 open. Some of the highest-paying and potentially lucrative positions are:

DevOps Manager: The DevOps Manager is responsible for organizing and maintaining the developer team. The individual will help in configuring management, executing organizational policies, and set new protocols. They should also have impeccable problem-solving skills and increase the productivity of the team. This is a senior position with major responsibility, so the person applying for it should be great at time management. On average, a DevOps manager earns $140K per year.

Operations Manager: On paper, Operations Managers have a very simple job; however, the reality is different. An Operations Manager implements correct practices, processes, and policies throughout different departments of a firm. They are responsible for formulating strategies, finding ways to improve the performance of teams, securing compliance, and procuring resources and materials. An Operations Manager earns up to $114K on average per year.

HR Manager: An integral part of the Human Resource team, an HR Manager’s job consists of hiring new talent, conducting interviews, strategically planning for staff, creating a welcoming yet productive work environment, and fostering sustainable practices that help the company and the employees grow. They are leaders first and employees second, which means they need to have strong people skills and good judgment of talent. Per annum, an HR Manager will earn $117K on average.

Senior Compliance Officer: A Senior Compliance Officer works directly with the teams to ensure a smooth working environment for everyone. The officer will manage the ins and outs of the teams, investigate unethical behavior, and try to resolve any potential issue before it escalates. A Compliance Officer needs to have a good knowledge of the legal regulations of the company and follow industry-specific guidelines to ensure every policy or bylaw is followed. A Senior Compliance Officer earns $94K on average in a year.

Account Operations Specialist: The Account Operations Specialist will keep an eye on the workflow of all departments and manage them at the same time. The job of the Account Operations Specialist is to optimize the daily operations of the company as well as manage the resources well. They will be responsible for maximizing the efficiency of the teams and helping them feel comfortable in the working environment. They also handle employee complaints and organize and strategize with the HR team to create a better working environment for everyone. The average yearly salary of an Account Operations Specialist is $59K.

Business Operations Lead: A Business Operations Lead will work towards a company’s profits and success. They will set goals, assess the costs, and develop strategies that will help with generating profits. This is an internal role that will manage logistics and production and cut costs at the same time. The average salary of a Business Operations Lead will earn up to $110K on average in a year.

What Kind of Experience Is Needed to Work in An Operations Job?

Blockchain operations jobs are technical and require proper education as well as experience. Any hopeful who wants to make their operations career soar will first need to complete their undergraduate in management. After that, they also need to have several years of experience working in the operations department before moving up the ranks. Having a master’s degree will help your salary expectations.

What Skills Are Important for A Successful Career in Operations?

You need to have certain skills if you want to thrive in your remote operations jobs. There are some skills that are valued above experience or even formal education. If you are thinking about applying for an operations job or you want to rise above the ranks, these are the skills you need to possess or develop:

  • Technical Knowledge of Crypto, Blockchain and Web3
  • Expert at Data Processing
  • Good Analytical Thinking
  • Eye for Details
  • Great At Strategizing
  • Have a Good Capacity for Judgement
  • Great at Budgeting
  • Have Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Excellent Decision-Making Skills

What Are the Typical Salaries Associated with Operations Jobs?

Operations jobs are among some of the highest-paying positions in the tech or blockchain industry. These positions pay well because they require the candidate to work harder than most positions. According to the current market survey, an operations job holder can earn as little as $59K or as high as $140K on average per year. Please note that the salary range is subject to experience and expertise.

What Career Paths Are Available in Operations?

At the moment, many crypto companies have multiple operations jobs open for your pursual. If you are good at people dealing and have great analytical-thinking skills, you will enjoy your role in the operations department of a company. Some of the most lucrative positions include:

  • DevOps Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Compliance Officer
  • HR Manager
  • Account Operations Specialist
  • Business Operations Lead

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