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Business Operations jobs are very important for the survival of any company. Web3 companies have created opportunities for professionals who want to excel in these departments. As the crypto industry grows, companies are slowly but surely expanding their business. That has opened doors for business operations career hopefuls who want to leave their mark on the blockchain industry.

Since crypto companies need technical and non-technical positions to thrive, the door is wide open for crypto business operations job hopefuls to try their luck in the industry. Of course, the compensation offered for these roles and positions is exceptional.

Top Business Operations Jobs

There are certain Web3 business operations jobs available on crypto job boards that offer great salaries as well as a great outlook on the future as well. Most web3 companies offer great salary packages along with benefits to ensure the employees stick around for a long time! 

Some of these top-paying business operations jobs are:

Business Operations Manager: A Business Operations Manager is responsible for multiple departments. The individual will liaise with multiple departments to ensure that the business practices are going in the right direction and produce profit. The person in this position may set goals for the organization, develop strategic plans, assess revenue, and take care of production. On average, a Business Operations Manager will earn $87K in a year.

Product Manager: A Product Manager bridges the gap between business and customers. They identify the needs of the clients and set business objectives based on those findings. The person will have direct access to the planning, development, and launch phases of the product. They collaborate closely with the marketing divisions to guarantee the product's success. The average annual salary of a Product Manager is $153K.

Admin Executive: A purely operational position, an Admin Executive provides support to senior members of the company. The person in this position will schedule meetings, arrange travel, draft minutes for meetings, and arrange accommodation. Per annum, the average salary of an Admin Executive is $74K.

Human Resource Manager: The Human Resource Manager is responsible for directing, coordinating, and planning the administrative functions of a crypto company. These individuals will also oversee the interviewing, hiring, and recruiting of new positions. They are directly involved in strategic planning. The HR Manager is also the liaison between the management and the employees. The median annual salary of a Human Resource Manager is $84K.

Business Development Manager: Responsible for driving the business growth, the Business Development Manager needs to have an open mind. Apart from building a network of contracts and formulating strategies to attract new business, the individual applying for this position will also need to project income, close deals, research unexplored markets, and perform other duties. A business development manager typically makes $84K per year.

Finance Manager: The job of Finance Manager is often the key decision-maker of a company. To optimize the company's profit, they will apply data analysis and provide senior management with advice. This is an important position as the person in this role will be directly involved in company investments and generate results on those investments. The average yearly salary of a Finance Manager is $123K.

What Is a Career in Business Operations?

The scope of a Business Operations career in Web3 is very promising and broad. The people who hold these positions are accountable for the company's income and success. You can easily advance in the company if you possess the necessary abilities and skills.

What Are The 4 Types of Business Operations?

There are four types of departments that fall under the Business Operations career category. These are:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Human Resource

Many companies add administration in this category as well. The department is needed in almost every company, but crypto companies are expanding their business, and adding business operations jobs makes sense. These roles and positions add value to blockchain companies, which is why many companies are ready to invest heavily in these positions.

What Skills Are Needed for Business Operation?

There are certain skills that are often valued over formal education by many crypto companies. These are:

What Is the Career Path for A Business Operations Associate?

A Business Operations Associate can dictate their own career forward. The individual can choose a career as an operations specialist or an operations manager. If they work hard and gain experience in the field, they can eventually aim for Director of Operations.

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