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Non-tech jobs are required by crypto companies to thrive and operate on a day-to-day basis. Web3 is a big niche. There are multiple core elements, such as Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Oracles, and Cryptocurrencies. These elements have now become a niche market on their own and can all thrive on their own.

Non-technical positions and roles are needed for any company to thrive, and Web3 companies are no different. These organizations need a combination of technical and non-tech positions to survive, draw in more customers, and succeed. The compensation for these positions is good and certainly better than other industries at the moment.

Non-tech career hopefuls have plenty of opportunities to explore the Web3 landscape. They can expect good salary packages as well as benefits such as remote non-tech jobs.

What Is the Salary Range for Crypto Non-Technical Jobs?

There are plenty of lucrative crypto non-tech jobs available to talented individuals who want to break into the Web3 industry. These non-tech positions are equally important for the blockchain industry as any other technical position. The below-mentioned job opportunities are open at all times, and blockchain companies are looking to expand these positions often.

These are:

Content Writer: The Web3 Content Writer is responsible for creating and generating content that is in line with the branding of the company. The individual will create written and social media content to educate the masses about Web3, increase the information of the clients, and overall improve the web presence of the organization. On average, the annual salary of a Content Writer is $57K.

Business Development Manager: A Business Development Manager is responsible for generating growth, guiding the business towards success, and liaison partnerships. The manager will need to create business opportunities, research the market, engage with clients, collaborate with teams, and develop new partnerships. A Business Development Manager earns $122K on average per annum.

Graphic Designer: One of the most essential positions, a Graphic Designer is responsible for creating infographics, images, typography, and motion graphics for the team. The individual also creates advertisement materials, other electronic or print media, and brochures as per the requirements of the organization. The designer will work closely with marketing teams, SEO teams, and content writers. A Graphic Designer has an average salary of $50K in a year.

Office Manager: An important position for any company, the Office Manager is in charge of the office operations. The individual supervises the office activities, maintains the facilities as well as coordinates everything in between. They are responsible for monitoring clerical functions and office upkeep. Per annum, the average salary of an Office Manager is $83K.

Marketing Associate: As the name suggests, a Marketing Associate researches the market, creates marketing metrics reports, and collects consumer behavior data. The associate will also help with creating advertisement materials, assist in the creation of marketing strategies and assist with organizing promotional events. A Marketing Associate earns $53K in a year on average.

Social Media Manager: A Social Media Manager is responsible for maintaining the company’s brand image on social media channels and forums. As the face of the company, the manager is responsible for creating content strategies, driving engagement, and generating results. The manager should also have acute knowledge of the target audience, know how to generate traffic, and have a design sense. The annual average salary of a social media manager is $62K.

What Kind of Skills Do I Need to Get a Non-Technical Job in Crypto/Web3/Blockchain?

Blockchain and Web3 non-tech jobs are available for experienced individuals who want to thrive in this emerging industry. Certain skills will be detrimental for the success of these positions. These skills are:

  • Have a clear and concise understanding of the Web3 landscape and its niche markets. This will help you adapt to the industry much quicker.
  • A candidate should have effective communication skills so that they can engage with stakeholders clearly and have no gaps in communication.
  • Regardless of the non-tech position you are applying for, you must have problem-solving skills and a critical-thinking approach to day-to-day problems.
  • Your project management skills should be exceptional.
  • The individual should always be willing to learn, adapt, and grow with the industry.

What Are the Most Common Non-Technical Roles in The Crypto/Web3/Blockchain Industry?

Many crypto companies have non-tech jobs open at the moment. Any individual with a passion for their expertise and a desire to join the blockchain industry is welcome to apply for these positions.

The most common and in-demand blockchain non-tech jobs include:

  • Content Writer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Office Manager
  • Marketing Associate
  • Social Media Manager

How Can I Find Job Openings in The Crypto/Web3/Blockchain Industry?

You can find multiple non-tech Web3 jobs at It is the fastest-growing job portal among individuals who want to break into the blockchain industry. You get direct access to premium jobs and the latest crypto job openings in the industry. 

What Companies Are Hiring for Crypto Non-Technical Jobs?

Non-tech jobs are needed by multiple different industries. At the moment, non-tech positions are open in crypto, Web3, and blockchain companies all over the world. They have remote non-tech jobs open as well.

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