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More people are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and the future envisioned by the Web3 companies. The need for a dedicated team to cater to the questions and queries of new customers added customer services jobs in blockchain companies.

Quality customer service is the demand of the hour, and Web3 professionals understand how important it is for the greater good of the business. From assisting customers and listening to their queries to offering solutions, customer service professionals' work reaches far and wide.

What Is the Highest Paid Customer Service Job?

There are certain positions in a blockchain company’s customer services departments that are among the highest paid in the industry. People who have enjoyed a customer services career know how tough yet rewarding the job is.

Blockchain companies pay good salaries for their remote customer services jobs. They offer multiple customer services jobs in web3 to attract the crème de la crème of the customer service talent of the world. Some of the highest-paid customer services jobs are:

Customer Service Specialist: As the name suggests, a Customer Service Specialist is responsible for handling comments, questions, and complaints from customers regarding a business or product. A positive customer experience is a duty of customer service representatives to increase business trust and consumer loyalty. Someone with outstanding self-control and clear communication skills is needed for this position. The average annual salary of a Customer Service Specialist is $42K.

Live Support Representative: A Live Support Representative or a Live Support Agent is a professional who offers customer support online. They are on the front line of customer problems and offer them solutions regarding products or services immediately. They remain online with the customers as the customer applies the solution to see if it works or not. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The average salary of a Live Support Representative is $35K.

Customer Support Manager: The job of a Customer Support Manager is to create positive experiences for the customers. They create strategies to support a brand’s expansion goals and reduce the possibility of contraction. The individual in this position is also responsible for supervising customer support staff in the company. The per annum salary of a Customer Support Manager is $56K.

Customer Success Specialist: A Customer Success Specialist is a professional who will coach and train customer support agents or representatives of a blockchain company. They will guide the teams on how they can provide support, improve their customer service, and improve their customer interactions. Per annum, the average salary of a Customer Success Specialist is $42K.

Frontline Support Engineer: A Frontline Support Engineer is an organization's first line of defense. These individuals must be excellent communicators because they are frequently called upon when a client's situation deteriorates. They must be meticulous in dealing with customer inquiries and accurate in documentation and case management. A Frontline Support Engineer's annual salary is $81K.

Client Onboarding Specialist: The Client Onboarding Specialist is exactly what the name implies. The specialist will collaborate directly with clients to ensure that the first interaction/or deal with the client goes well. They serve as the client's support system, guiding them through the processes and ensuring client satisfaction. A Client Onboarding Specialist earns an annual salary of $58K.

What Is the Job of Customer Service?

The crypto customer services jobs are important for the whole company. The job of a customer service representative entails:

  • Handing Customer Queries
  • Provide Solutions
  • Follow Up with the Clients
  • Keep Record of Customer Interactions

What Degree Is Best for Customer Service?

Although experience in the field is often valued over degrees by many blockchain companies, there are some companies that prefer their customer service positions to be filled by people who have the right education. Usually, if you want to excel in customer services jobs, you will need to have the below-mentioned educational background:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Relevant Field

Is Customer Service a Good Skill?

Your resume will stand out from the rest if you have listed customer service as a skill. Almost every position in a crypto company needs good customer service skills, but especially client-facing roles. If you are applying for a marketing, office, or administrative position, this skill will help you a lot.

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