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Video editing has become one of the most important positions in a Web3 company. As more and more crypto influencers expand their horizons and spread their wings, they attach themselves to blockchain corporations. Thanks to the power of social media, crypto companies are creating their pages and identities on these platforms.

As cryptocurrency gains more attention, video material for their products and services has become equally important. This has opened doors for more creative people to enter the Web3 industry and become a part of something bigger.

More video editors and content creators are open to working in the crypto industry, thanks to the emergence of remote video editing jobs in the Web3 space. Crypto video editing jobs are quickly becoming high in demand as more and more professionals are ready to try their luck in the blockchain industry.

Plus, the creative freedom and good salary packages are a nice incentive for them to take up blockchain video editing jobs.

Top Video Editing Jobs

At the moment, video editing career hopefuls have a lot of opportunities to explore in the Web3 industry. In fact, video editing jobs have been in high demand since companies have expanded their repertoire with more creative positions. These positions pay well, give creative freedom to the candidates, and allow them to explore different aspects of their field.

At the moment, the top video jobs in a Web3 company include:

Video Editor: The position of a Video Editor is very important and carries a lot of responsibility. The individual in this position will edit videos, manage camera footage, sound effects, special effects, and dialogues, and create a final video for the product or services. They will be responsible for all post-production processes. The annual salary of a Video Editor is $65K on average.

Video Content Creator: As the name suggests, Video Content Creators create and publish videos for digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Creating video material to interest and instruct the target audience is part of their job description. This role requires someone who is well-spoken and knowledgeable about the subject matter. On average, a Video Content Creator earns $120K in a year.

Script Writer: A Script Writer is responsible for writing the script of the video. They will detail every aspect of the video, including the ambiance and scene. The person will write original dialogue for pieces so that editors and actors know what they're doing. Per annum, the average salary of a Script Writer is $61K.

Animator: A highly technical and creative position, an Animator is responsible for creating multiple images called frames. They then gather these frames together to create the illusion of movement. This person should have extensive experience with stop-frame animation, computer-generated animation, and 2D and 3D model creation. An animator makes, on average, $81K a year.  

Motion Graphics Artist: Currently one of the most sought-after positions in web3 design, a Motion Graphics Artist creates animated visuals for games, movies, gifs, and videos. Typically, they collaborate with creative teams to produce content like product videos. In addition to creating 2D and 3D forms, the graphics designer must also incorporate sound as needed. The annual salary of a Motion Graphics Artist might reach $77K or higher.

Video Director: A Video Director is responsible for taking the script and turning it into a video. The person supervises the actors, collaborates with the production and post-production teams, and makes sure the video is made in accordance with the specifications of the business. The average salary of a Video Director is $59K in a year.

Is Video Editing a Good Career?

Creative people would be most suited for a profession in video editing. If you want to work with leading edge technologies, this is an excellent career opportunity. Additionally, there are numerous avenues for professional advancement and a wide range of job options.    

Do Video Editors Get Paid Well?

The annual salary of a Video Editor is $65K on average. However, a more experienced professional earns close to $120K in a year.

How Do I Get Hired as A Video Editor?

To get hired as a video editor, you will first have to get the required training and learn the skills. You will then have to master those skills and apply for video editing jobs. Choose a reputed forum such as to find jobs from the best companies in the blockchain world.

Who Hires Video Editors?

Video editors are hired by influencers, crypto gurus, and blockchain companies. Essentially, anyone with a social media presence will need video editors.

Do YouTubers Hire Video Editors?

Yes, YouTubers hire video editors with years of experience.

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