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Every company needs a proper Network Administration department to thrive. The department is responsible for ensuring that your computer systems and network are safe and secure from threats. This is a tech position that is among the most important roles in a crypto company.

Blockchain companies need talented individuals to safeguard their systems and networks. There are plenty of opportunities often for these candidates, especially if they are already experienced in working in a similar field. The compensation for these jobs is also great!

What Is Network Administration

Network Administration includes securing, maintaining, monitoring, and managing a company’s network. While the tasks and roles of a specific organization may change, the gist of the department will remain the same. The department could be bigger or smaller as per the needs and size of the company.

The salary bracket for network administration jobs is higher than most in other industries and segments. This is all thanks to the boom the blockchain industry has been enjoying for the past few years. It is expected to get better and better with every passing year.

What Salary Can I Expect from A Network Administration Job?

There are different roles and positions open in network administration. To find the ideal position for them, those who want to work in network administration must stay abreast of trends and the state of the job market. For blockchain companies, network security is a major concern, so Web3 companies are trying to find the best fit. This leads to more opportunities for talented individuals to find positions that they feel most confident and comfortable in.

The highest paying and the most in-demand network administration jobs are:

Network Administrator Assistant: A Network Administrator Assistant will be assisting the administrator with everyday tasks and duties. The individual will need to regularly test network connections to check for their stability. Along with that, they will also have to install new network devices when the need arises. The assistant will need to be great at organizational skills as well as communication skills. The average per annum salary of a Network Administrator Assistant is $72K.

Network Engineer: As the name suggests, a Network Engineer is a tech professional who will implement, oversee, and plan computer networks for an organization. The individual will work exclusively with an organization to support their data, wireless, and voice network services. This is a very important position in the blockchain industry. The average salary of a Network Engineer is $108K per year.

IT Operations Engineer: The job of the IT Operations Engineer is to maintain a blockchain organization’s operation systems. The individual will design, assist, implement, and analyze machinery. The IT Operations Engineer will often run tests and implement necessary changes whenever required. The per annum average salary of an IT Operations Engineer is $102K.

Offensive Security Engineer: Among the most important positions in the blockchain industry, an Office Security Engineer strategizes and implements security measures to protect the company computer network from viruses or malicious attacks. They will also strengthen network security, check for vulnerabilities, red teaming, and test for penetration. Per annum, an Offensive Security Engineer earns $152K on average.

Systems Administrator: Different from a Network Administrator, a Systems Administrator will keep a company’s computer systems and servers in top shape at all times. The ideal candidate for this position should possess outstanding organizational abilities and time management skills. Since they will be in charge of both system maintenance and network file systems, they must possess a thorough understanding of computer systems. The Systems Administrator earns $88K in a year on average.

Is Network Administration a Good Career?

Network Administration career is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to work with computer systems and networks. If you have an eye for detail and great analytical skills, this job is perfect for you. The salary packages are usually great, getting a job in the industry is not that hard and chances of growth are higher as well.

What Skills Do I Need to Be Successful in A Blockchain Network Administration Job?

It doesn’t matter if you have applied for remote network administration jobs or an onsite blockchain network administration job; you need to possess certain skills if you want to succeed. These skills are:

  • IT and Technical Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Attention to Details
  • Proactive and Open to Taking Initiative
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Patience and Enthusiasm for the Job

What Kinds of Jobs Are Available in Web3 Network Administration?

Companies usually have a whole department for network administration. Even in smaller companies, network administration jobs in Web3 hold great value. The most common and highest-paying network administration jobs are:

  • Network Administration Assistant
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Operations Engineer
  • Offensive Security Engineer
  • Systems Administrator

Where Can I Find Crypto Network Administration Job Postings?

You can find your desired crypto network administration jobs at The platform has hundreds of job postings from some of the biggest companies in the crypto and blockchain world.

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