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Cloud Security Architecture jobs are very important for the success of any blockchain business. Since most businesses are now using cloud storage in their day-to-day tasks, having experienced cloud security professionals is very helpful.

The demand for these individuals is not just increasing in the Web3 industry. In fact, the demand for cloud security professionals is rising in market segments such as fintech and more. Because of this, the salaries of experienced professionals are skyrocketing!

Is Cloud Architect a High-Paying Job?

The cloud security architecture jobs are among the highest-paid positions in the blockchain industry at the moment. A career in cloud security can lead to many opportunities for candidates to revolutionize the industry and bring something new to the table. Of course, talented individuals will not hesitate to come up with ways to establish a more trusted environment for businesses to secure their data.

At the moment, certain crypto cloud security architecture jobs are taking over the market. Those with the right experience and drive can apply for them and get on the payroll of an innovative company. Plus, the salary for these positions is pretty decent.  

These cloud security architecture jobs are:

Security Operations Specialist: A Security Operations Specialist is responsible for managing security awareness programs, among other things. The individual will create and implement security measures for a company in case of emergencies. However, their first task is always to prevent such a situation from arising. The average annual salary of a Security Operations Specialist is $94K.

Cloud Security Architect: The Cloud Security Architect will secure the cloud computing environment for the company. They are responsible for planning, strategizing, and implementing policies that are in line with the company’s needs. They will also make security assessments, look for vulnerabilities, and collaborate with other departments to make existing systems more secure. The per annum median salary of a Cloud Security Architect is $154K.

Blockchain Security Engineer: As the name suggests, a Blockchain Security Engineer secures the products and services of a company. The individual will directly work with the development team to ensure that the protocols, DApps, and smart contracts are all secure. The candidate will audit their code and find the missing links to ensure the security of these products and services is not compromised. A Blockchain Security Engineer earns $128K on average a year.

Cloud Systems Engineer: A purely IT position, a Cloud Systems Engineer maintains the cloud infrastructure for a client or a company. The individual will be responsible for designing cloud solutions and providing administrative support for them as well. The candidate will also look for vulnerabilities and fix them before they are exposed. Per annum, a Cloud Systems Engineer earns $132K on average.

IT Security Manager: Also known as Cyber Security Manager, an IT Security Manager is a leader of the cyber security department. The individual will detect threats to the company’s security systems and help with cyber security measures. The average per annum salary of an IT Security Manager is $131K.  

Cloud Security Analyst: As the name suggests, a Cloud Security Analyst identifies and researches threats, risks, and vulnerabilities to the cloud system of a company. The individual works closely with the stakeholders to create updated security controls and help the cloud system engineering team. The average annual salary of a Cloud Security Analyst is $107K.

Is Cloud Security Architect a Good Career?        

It is definitely rewarding; cloud security architecture jobs are challenging but great. Candidates interested in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and technology will thrive in it. As long as you have the right skills and education, you can quickly climb the corporate ladder, too.

What Is the Salary of a Cloud Security Architect?

It doesn’t matter if you apply for remote cloud security architecture jobs or on-site cloud security architecture jobs in web3; you are guaranteed a good salary. The average salary for cloud security architecture jobs lies between $94K and $154K. 

Does Security Architect Require Coding?

If you are just beginning your cloud security architecture career, then you don’t need coding skills. However, as you rise above the ranks, you will need to learn coding skills to go further up in the ranks.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Security Architect?

The path to landing your preferred cloud security architecture jobs is long but worth it in the end. You must have a master’s degree in cybersecurity or any relevant field. If you want to get promotions, you may need to get additional certifications and training in different aspects of cybersecurity.

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