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Talent Acquisition jobs have become one of the most important positions in the blockchain industry at the moment. Since the interest of the common public has increased over the years, Web3 firms need to fill their Talent Acquisition jobs so that they can find the perfect talent for their other positions.

These positions are sought-after by companies all over the world, but more so in blockchain companies. This is because they have an eye for finding talented individuals from the crowd. If a company has a technical or specialized position, these individuals can find the perfect candidate.

Top Talent Acquisition Jobs

Talent Acquisition Specialist: An HR specialist with expertise in filling unfilled positions—particularly those requiring specialized skill sets—is known as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. They carefully review resumes and applications to find candidates. An annual salary of $62K is normal for a talent acquisition specialist.

Technical Recruiter: Finding applicants for technical positions, such as those in engineering and information technology, is the focus of a Technical Recruiter. Their duties encompass endorsing potential candidates and interviewing for open positions. Technical Recruiters are responsible for preserving and meticulously cultivating a superior candidate pool appropriate for technical positions. Per annum, Technical Recruiters earn $69K on average.

Recruitment Specialist: Recruiting, attracting, and screening applicants for available openings is the primary responsibility of a Recruiting Specialist. They monitor the demand for particular skills and career trends. A Recruitment Specialist typically makes $52K annually.

HR Intern: The HR Intern is responsible for very important tasks within the Human Resources Department. Obtaining payroll data, setting up interviews, reviewing resumes, running job ads, and helping with HR-related reports are among the duties of an HR intern. An HR intern's typical yearly salary is $35,000. 

Talent Acquisition Manager: The duties of a Talent Acquisition Manager include locating, attracting, employing, and keeping exceptional employees attached to the company. Effective talent acquisition strategies creation and implementation are their responsibility. The average salary for a talent acquisition manager is $87K per year.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Position Do?

Finding and hiring the best applicant for every job opportunity in a firm is the responsibility of the talent acquisition position. The talent acquisition position in a company will assess and locate talented individuals from all over the world for this purpose.

The common talent acquisition jobs include:

  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • HR Intern
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist

Is Talent Acquisition the Same As HR?

Talent management is the process of nurturing and keeping the potential employees. HR is in charge of these processes as well as other employee-related issues. Human Resources also focuses on operational and internal talent management.

Is Talent Acquisition a Skill?

It is a skill that you can build over the years with experience and education. Talent acquisition career hopefuls build these skills over time and once they have perfected it, they become vital for the progress of a company.

Is Talent Acquisition an Occupation?

Indeed, talent acquisition is a crucial profession that is in demand in all global industries.

What Is the Difference Between Talent Acquisition and Recruiter?

Talent Acquisition jobs and Recruiters are different. Recruiting is different from talent acquisition primarily because it is a proactive process that aims to fill a position that has become available. The aim of talent acquisition is to find qualified candidates for future, more difficult positions that might open up.

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