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Every company needs a workforce to get the work done and Web3 companies are no different. Staffing jobs are very important for an organization, especially if they are building their foundations from the ground up. These individuals build the bare bones of the company by finding them talented individuals who will perfectly match the company’s values.

Web3 companies are at the forefront of change. They are building the future of the Internet where the users handle everything and don’t have to rely on corporations. There has been a surge in the demand for blockchain staffing jobs. These companies have some big goals and the people they hire for Web3 staffing jobs are very important for the company.

Top Staffing Jobs

Staffing jobs are among the highest-paying positions at the moment. Since these positions are so important, Web3 companies are ready to invest and support their staffing department to the best of their abilities. These positions and roles have huge responsibilities on their shoulders, which is why blockchain firms do their best efforts to accommodate them.

Some of the most common and in-demand Web3 staffing jobs include:

Hiring Manager: A Hiring Manager is responsible for selecting applicants for open positions in a Web3 company. They work in the recruitment department of human resources and find the ideal candidate for the open positions. A Hiring Manager makes $72K per year on average.

Talent Acquisition Specialist: A Talent Acquisition Specialist, sometimes referred to as a Talent Specialist, finds and assesses candidates who best fit the organization's long-term goals. They identify suitable applicants, establish hiring standards, and comprehend recruiting requirements. An annual salary of $62K is typical for a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Human Resource Manager: The Human Resource Manager of an organization is responsible for strategizing, planning, and coordinating administrative tasks. Additionally, these individuals will handle hiring, interviewing, and recruiting for new positions. A Human Resource Manager typically makes $86K a year.

Employee Relations Manager: The main goal of an Employee Relations Manager is to carry out objective internal investigations. The individual in this position has a variety of responsibilities, including monitoring employee rights, which could entail anything from settling conflicts to looking into claims of sexual harassment. The average salary for an Employee Relations Manager is $97K annually.

Talent Development Specialist: A Talent Development Specialist benefits firms by nurturing each employee's natural qualities to increase productivity and efficiency. The Talent Development Specialist evaluates a worker's job strengths and deficiencies to create training plans to bolster those qualities and boost output. The average annual compensation for a Talent Development Specialist is $75K.

What Is Called Staffing?

Finding candidates for open positions and keeping them on board is known as staffing. The primary objective of staffing is to supply an organization's needs for human resources.

What Is the Role of a Staffing Administrator?

The coordination of all personnel-related activities falls within the area of responsibility of the Staff Administrator. This position will involve data entry, report writing, filing, scheduling, and other tasks like payroll and direct email coordination with the staff.

What is a Staffing Recruiter?

Finding quality applicants and matching them to relevant Web3 job openings inside a Web3 organization are the main duties of a Staffing Recruiter. Finding suitable candidates for this role will require conducting interviews, going over resumes, meeting with hiring managers, and going to networking events. Typically, a Staffing Recruiter receives $41,000 in compensation per year.

Is Staffing the Same As HR?

Staffing is, essentially, an extension of Human Resource Management. Individuals interested in Staffing jobs need to obtain specialized certification before they can work in this position.  

Why Is Staffing Important?

The primary benefit of staffing is its ability to identify individuals who fit a specific job role, are sufficiently productive, and can enhance the growth and reputation of the organization.

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