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The demand for community moderation jobs is rising in the Web3 community. An increasing number of people are becoming interested in the goods and services that these businesses provide as the blockchain industry spreads outside of the tech sector.

An essential component of a blockchain enterprise's success is community moderation. Since the general public is just opening up to Web3 innovations, the need for community moderation is exceptionally high. This is why more crypto & blockchain companies are hiring people for these specifically curated positions and offering handsome salaries as well.

What Is a Community Moderator Job?

As the name suggests, a Community Moderator guides and moderates discussion on a platform. They implement the rules for a community, engage with people, drum up excitement about the company or services, and overall make sure the rules aren’t broken.

If need be, the Community Moderator will ban members and delete comments. The individual plays a vital role in a company’s communication and engagement strategy. They are usually the first people to get wind of the latest news concerning the company.

On average, a Community Moderator earns $49K in a year.

Top Community Moderation Jobs

A blockchain company is required to fill many community moderation jobs in Web3 to ensure their departments are up and running. Sometimes, companies will hire a specific community moderation position. The salaries for these positions are high, and the compensation justifies the work you will do. 

These top community moderation jobs are:

Social Media Moderator: Just as the name suggests, a Social Media Moderator will moderate, organize, and manage the social media posts of the company. The individual in this position will manage the posts, videos, tweets, and videos to maintain the brand’s position online. They will also interact with comments and feedback from customers and maintain open communication. The average salary of a Social Media Moderator is $53K in a year.

Community Manager: A Community Manager works with the Marketing Manager to curate the perfect image for the company or brand. They will manage the online community for the company. Along with that, they will be responsible for hosting events, creating trust, and keeping customers interested in the services. They may also hold live events. On average, a Community Manager will earn $71K in a year.

Discord Community Manager: The position of Discord Community Manager is very important for a blockchain company. The manager will handle all customer queries and filter the opinions. The questions and suggestions made by community members on Discord are very important, which is why the Discord Community Manager has to be very observant. Per annum, the average salary of a Discord Community Manager is $82K.

Community Associate: Working under the direction of a Community Manager, a Community Associate is responsible for building strong relationships with the public on behalf of the company. The individual in this position will create engaging content, organize events, and even participate in community outreach. They are responsible for increasing brand awareness to attain a larger customer base. The average per annum salary of a Community Associate is $48K.

How Do You Become a Community Moderator?

Believe it or not, many people start their community moderation career as a volunteer. They start by managing forums or websites to gain experience before they apply for remote community moderation jobs.

How Much Money Can You Make as A Moderator?

A community moderator can earn an average salary of $49K a year. However, the average salary of an experienced moderator is $108K or more.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Moderator?

You don’t need to have a formal education to become a moderator. However, it is very important for you to gain experience in the field before you can build your community moderation career. It is best if you gain experience by volunteering for online communities and websites. You must gain knowledge about the topic and prepare questions but remain neutral on all topics.

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