Job Description


**Position**: Marketing Agency Lead (Equivalent to CEO/Operational Director)


**Location**: Remote or Dubai


**Roles and Responsibilities**:

1. **Operational Excellence**: Oversee, manage, and operate the entire marketing agency division. This includes ensuring the smooth and effective functioning of the division, while keeping an eye on future trends and innovations.

2. **Revenue Generation & Expansion**: Drive revenue growth by leveraging KEY Difference Media's longstanding brand presence and by tapping into the potential opportunities within the market.

3. **Competitive Analysis**: Undertake meticulous market research to understand competition and devise innovative packages and offerings that set us apart.

4. **Product Development**: Assess the industry’s needs and ideate on creating unique marketing products and solutions that resonate and drive success.

5. **Lead Management**: Although you’ll have access to our existing lead flow and sources, the onus of nurturing and converting these leads to loyal clients will fall under your purview.

6. **Strategic Growth**: Be at the helm of strategic decisions that propel the growth of the division and ensure our position as a leader in the marketing space.

7. **Team Leadership**: Mentor, guide, and lead the in-house team to align them with the company's vision and ensure collective growth. Hire and expand team as required.


**Essential Qualifications**:

- Proven experience in running or having overseen a marketing agency.

- Expertise in the web3/blockchain sector will be an added advantage.

- Exceptional leadership and strategic thinking abilities.

- Hunger for continual learning, growth, and expansion.


**What's in it for you**:

- A unique opportunity to lead and shape a division with a reputable brand backing.

- Work alongside a talented and passionate team.

- Competitive compensation package or Co-Founder opportunity. 


  • Communications Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Lead Generation
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Team Management
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