Job Description


Job Type: Part-time/Full-time | Employee or Co-founder opportunities available


Your Role:


1. Leadership: Spearhead the Newswire division by providing direction, strategy, and insight.

2. Competition Analysis: Familiarize yourself with industry competitors like and coinscribble ( to understand their packages. Our goal? To surpass them in cost and value.

3. Partnership Management: Collaborate with our global distribution partner, create and expand new partnerships for maximum value.

4. Expansion Initiatives: Vigorously expand our media outlets, ensuring our reach is unparalleled.

5. Revenue Augmentation: Identify and foster partnerships to amplify revenues. You’ll have the support of our dedicated business development team, access to our resources, an existing client base for upselling, and more.

6. Operational Management: Oversee the day-to-day functions of the Newswire business, becoming the primary point of contact for any Newswire-related concerns within the company.


What We're Looking For:


- Proven experience in the Newswire industry.

- Strong networking skills, with an emphasis on partner acquisition and relationship management.

- An entrepreneurial mindset with a knack for identifying growth opportunities.

- Outstanding communication skills.

- Ability to adapt in a rapidly evolving media environment.


What’s In It For You?


- A chance to be a part of a dynamic team that’s making waves in the media industry.

- Flexible working options.

- Potential to be not just an employee, but a co-founder, crafting the direction of our Newswire journey.

- Competitive compensation and benefits, keeping in mind industry standards.


  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communications Skills
  • Content Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Operations
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