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Steelo is a social media marketplace where creatives and their fans interact via the exchange of token-gated access to exclusive content-centric communities.

On the surface, Steelo presents itself as a decentralised iOS/Android/Web app (“dApp”) where peer-to-peer trading of artist-curated NFTs symbiotically coexist with a handful of powerful social features. Amongst these, user experience will be centred around: 1) an omnidirectional content feed focused on taste-making, discovery, and participation, 2) customisable profiles harmonising personalities with their communities, 3) an intuitive, accessible, and data-powered wallet, 4) a powerful content-driven and community-focused messaging system as well as 5) the marketplace which will prioritise educating young investors whilst promoting talented creatives.

Below the surface, Steelo is structured as a blockchain-enabled marketplace equipped with a range of economic incentives powerful enough to finance creator journeys whilst rewarding their support system. Built with the aim to generate tangible value for people who fuel culture, communities, and trends, Steelo’s public data (e.g., users, trades, and liquidity) will be minted on the Polygon blockchain, where it will coexist with user owned NFTs to consolidate token prices. In addition, smart contracts’ ability to automate the redistribution of transaction fees to respective token-holding communities enable us to build an eco-system where users have financial incentives to fuel the platform with content, social interactions, and liquidity.


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