Job Description


We are seeking a dynamic Crypto Token Marketing Specialist to join our team and lead the promotion of our token. As a key player in our marketing efforts, you will be responsible for engaging with the crypto community, boosting our online presence, and driving traffic to our token page.


41. *Community Engagement:*   - Manage and monitor Discord and Telegram channels of various coin communities, with a focus on meme coins.   - Acquire moderators and actively promote the token to build a strong and engaged community.

2. *Content Creation:*   - Generate compelling daily content for social media platforms.   - Craft content that highlights the unique features and potential of the token, aiming to increase awareness and attract investors.

3. *Promotional Campaigns:*   - Execute targeted promotional campaigns, emphasizing the token as the next big coin of 2024.   - Collaborate with the team to develop marketing strategies and implement them effectively.

4. *Traffic Generation:*   - Drive traffic to the token page through strategic digital advertising.   - Implement digital banner ads on big cryptoplatforms, run PPC ads, and deploy display ads to reach a wider audience.


- Proven experience in crypto token marketing or a related field.- In-depth understanding of Discord and Telegram communities and experience in community building.- Strong content creation skills with a focus on social media platforms.- Proficiency in managing digital advertising campaigns, including PPC and display ads.- Knowledge of the cryptocurrency market trends and dynamics.

If you have a passion for cryptocurrency, a knack for community engagement, and a drive to boost token awareness, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity!

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management
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