Job Description


As a Senior React Developer at LCX, you will be at the forefront of building innovative front-end solutions for our blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms. You will be responsible for developing and implementing user interface components using React and integrating them with Web3 technologies.


  • Develop and implement user interface components using React and Web3 technologies.
  • Translate designs and wireframes into high-quality, scalable, and reusable code.
  • Optimize components for maximum performance across diverse web-capable devices and browsers.
  • Lead the integration of blockchain-based services and decentralized applications (DApps) on the front end.
  • Collaborate closely with backend developers and UX/UI designers to enhance application functionality.
  • Provide technical leadership, mentor junior developers, and conduct code reviews.
  • Stay abreast of emerging trends in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and front-end development.


  • 3- 5 years of professional experience in React.js and front-end development.
  • Strong experience with Web3.js, Ethereum, and other blockchain technologies in a front-end context.
  • Proficient in CSS, HTML, and writing cross-browser-compatible code.
  • Experience with modern front-end build pipelines and tools (e.g., Babel, Webpack, NPM).
  • Strong understanding of RESTful APIs, JSON Web Token, OAuth 2.0, and other modern web technologies.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript, including ES6+, DOM manipulation, and JavaScript object model.
  • Familiarity with code versioning tools like Git.
  • Ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Location: Gurgaon, India

  • Development
  • Problem Solving
  • React
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